A new anti-abortion rights billboard campaign set to appear in Los Angeles soon is targeting Latinas. The billboard says in both English and Spanish that “the most dangerous place for a Latino is in the womb.”

The group behind the billboard is the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. The organization’s billboards are an almost word-for-word copy of a group of billboards from a Texas-based group called Heroic Media that targeted African-American women. Heroic Media’s billboard’s said, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

Last year, Heroic Media’s founder, Brian Follett, included the Los Angeles area in a list of places he “aspires for Heroic to expand.

According to conservative news website The Daily Caller, the executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, Alfonso Aguilar, said, “It’s clear that Latinos are being targeted by organizations that promote abortion like Planned Parenthood, [because] many of their clinics are in Latino neighborhoods and communities.”

The Daily Caller also reported that “the ad campaign is meant to kick off a pro-life event called ‘Unidos por la Vida’ (United for Life) Sunday at the LA Sports Arena. The gathering will be sponsored by the pro-life Latino group Manto de Guadalupe.”

Feministing has already pointed out that one of the board members of the group that is putting up the billboards is Luis Fortuno, the governor of Puerto Rico. The group’s board advisers also include Grover Norquist and Linda Chavez.

Scheduled to attend the event is Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the founder of the anti-abortion rights group Live Action, Lila Rose.

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