Heroic Media, the Texas-based anti-abortion group that drums up publicity with controversy-laden media campaigns, has big plans for expansion. Our sister site, The Texas Independent, published a piece today on Heroic’s founder, Brian Follett, who says he plans on opening several more branches in the U.S., as well as facilities in Latin America.

Recent comments by Follett regarding Heroic’s media campaign targeted at Africa-Americans raised many eyebrows and even caused Florida Sen. (and state party chairman), John Thrasher, to distance himself from the group for which he once helped raise money.

In The Texas Independent’s piece, Follett discussed more plans to target African-Americans: “Actually we’re having an event in D.C. with Sarah Palin, and we’re looking for 20 percent of the proceeds from that to go to African-American outreach in the inner city.” Palin has spoken at Heroic Media events in both Texas and Florida.

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