A women’s health clinic in Pensacola, Fla., closed its doors recently after failing to pay its mortgage. Anti-abortion groups are attributing this to a prayer rally that was taking place around the same time outside the clinic.

Many anti-abortion websites have posted the news on their websites. Most have mentioned the prayer rally that was taking place outside the clinic.

Via LifeNews.com:

An abortion business in Pensacola is the latest to close its doors and the closing follows a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign where local pro-life advocates prayed this would happen.

“Prolifers have been praying the rosary, offering assistance to women entering the clinic and witnessing for life at this abortion clinic for about 10 years. Of interest is the fact that the “as of date” is the Feast of the Assumption,” [local anti-abortion advocate Bob Brady] said.

According to LifeNews.com, the last day the Affiliated Medical Services clinic in Pensacola was open was “August 5 and it has closed down, after Dione Pro, Inc. filed a lawsuit against it over unpaid mortgage payments for the facility.” The sheriff has now taken possession of the clinic.

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