Post on Politics reports that a confrontation might be on tap for tomorrow night.

The Boca Raton Chapter of the South Florida Tea Party will be holding its first meeting tomorrow night, with special guest Bill McCollum. According to the Post, Doug Guetzloe of the political party (which the organization is suing over rights to the “tea party” moniker) has announced plans to show up, and the group holding the meeting has pledged to greet him with sheriff’s deputies.

Tea party activists fear the political party could split the conservative vote in November, and several prominent tea partiers have sought to distance themselves from it.

The simmering feud between the tea party movement and the Florida Tea Party last came to a head a week ago, when Guetzloe, party founder Fred O’Neal and District 8 congressional candidate Peg Dumire showed up at a press conference calling for Dunmire to withdraw from her race against Rep. Alan Grayson.

That confrontation devolved into a shoving match, with each side accusing the other of “intimidation.”

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