To all the anglers out there, it’s time to turn your attention to the state of Florida.

We’ve always known that Florida is a beautiful place with lots of water, beaches, and tropical vibes. It’s a wonderful place to visit for people of all interests, but we’re here to talk about why Florida is one of the best fishing spots in, not only America but the world.

Today, we’re going to go over some of the finest spots for fishing in Florida. Most anglers are going to head out into the ocean, but whether you’re into offshore fishing or inshore fishing, the Sunshine State has got something for you. Let’s check out some of the best spots.

The Best Fishing in Florida

Florida’s a big state with a lot of fish. If you’re looking for somewhere to chill out, spend some time on the river, lake, or ocean, then enjoy the nightlife in a world-class destination, Florida is your spot. Here are our 9 favorite spots to fish in Florida.

1. Key West

Key West isn’t just a great fishing destination, it’s one of the biggest tourist hotspots in Florida.

As one of Hemingway’s favorite fishing destinations, Key West boasts incredible natural beauty to go with its array of underwater inhabitants. You’ll be able to try out some offshore fishing, as well as some flats, where you’ll notice a lot of bonefish, marlin, tarpon, and tuna. 

You can either take off on an adventure of your own or check out some Key West boat rentals and guides that are happy to give you a hand for a fee.

2. Blackwater River

Up in the panhandle, you’ll find Blackwater River flowing into Blackwater Bay. It’s a 56-mile river that starts in Alabama’s Conecuh National Forest and enters Florida in Okaloosa County.

This river has 3 public boat ramps to launch out on and lots of sandy white beaches to lounge on in your downtime. It’s a popular spot, so you might have trouble finding solitude during the busy season, but it’s well worth a try.

You’ll be able to find striped, largemouth, spotted, and sunshine bass, as well as, bluegill, sunfish, sea trout, and channel catfish on the Blackwater. 

3. Lake Okeechobee

Avid bass fisherman will have heard of Lake Okeechobee in south-central Florida. It’s one of the most popular lakes for bass fishing tournaments in the whole of the US and you can see why. The thing is massive and it’s rife with bass.

Because of its popularity, there are tons of resorts and campsites available on the grounds, making it a great spot to bring the whole family. If you’re flying in for the first time, there are boat rentals and guides that can point out the best spots to launch the reel.

4. Apalachicola River

Another panhandle gem is the bass-rich Apalachicola River. At 106 miles, it’s one of Florida’s longest rivers, which flows out of gorgeous Lake Seminole down to the Gulf of Mexico. 

It’s got every type of bass you can shake an Ugly Stik at, but the bigger fellas disappear from the Upper River in the heat of the summer. There are lots of boat landings to launch from, so you can drive up and down to find your optimal spot.

5. Sanibel Island

Visitors of Sanibel Island, off the west coast near Fort Myers, will be treated to ridiculous views of Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s another great place to take the family but offers much in the way of offshore fishing, inshore fishing, and saltwater fly-fishing.

Coastal offshore fishing will net you tarpon, snook, shark, redfish, snapper, among others. When you get further out, you’ll see grouper, hogfish, African pompano, and more shark. 

Fly-fishers will enjoy Sanibel year-round, where they can catch snapper, ladyfish, kingfish, flounder, and barracuda.

6. Destin

Florida’s largest fishing fleet resides in Destin, making it one of the hottest fishing destinations in America. With 140 vessels for hire, you’ll never have to worry about being left in the dust of other anglers.

When you’re out at sea, you’ll catch amberjack, tuna, sailfish, snapper, and even blue marlin. If you’re just out for a nice relaxing vacation, sit out on the pier and watch the day go by. The blue sea and bluer skies make for an extremely chilled out time.

7. Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon doesn’t have the most welcoming name, but being the redfish capital of the world, you should probably go for a visit.

In all seriousness, this gorgeous lagoon system is built for inshore anglers. It’s got grassy flats, islands, sandbars, and mangrove shorelines in the southern part. In the northern part, it’s got 10 miles of winding maze-like waterways.

8. Miami

Miami is an incredible city with lots to do, but the fishing doesn’t get enough hype if you ask us. The local anglers know that this is the perfect spot to get out on the ocean and catch some mahi-mahi, amberjack, and tuna. Rent out a boat and see for yourself with Double Threat Charters or The Reward Fleet.

The inshore fishing offers incredible night fishing trips where you can catch tarpon, permit, and bonefish. Use the city lights to guide your way around the bridges and cast under the cover of darkness. It’s a truly unique experience.

9. Key Largo

Let’s go back to the Keys for our last Florida fishing destination. Key Largo is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the state and it doubles as one of the best spots to fish.

Native fishing gurus would be quick to recommend this spot for its variety of sea creatures and the natural beauty that you can immerse yourself in. This makes it great for both leisure trips or serious anglers.

Here, you’ll find a load of freshwater fish like snook, bonefish, and tarpon. 

Choose What Suits You

Fishing in Florida is like country music in Nashville or soul food in New Orleans. It’s one of the great fishing states in our country and there are so many options for your next fishing trip that you’ll just have to keep coming back. Pack up your gear, get your family ready, and head to one of these destinations this summer to fishing in Hawaii.

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