A New Zealand landfill (Pic by Samuel Mann, via Flickr)

Angelo’s Aggregate Materials, the company behind a proposed landfill near environmentally sensitive land in Pasco County, says it is disappointed in the state’s decision to issue an intent to deny their permit application and looks forward to “an objective review and ruling from an administrative law judge.”

Area residents and state lawmakers alike have expressed concerns with the landfill proposal, particularly over its proximity to the Green Swamp, and the possibility of sinkhole formation. But the company defends its proposal, saying that the landfill site is at an elevation of 175 feet above mean sea level, and is, therefore, a “high and dry site.” Additionally, they say, the groundwater from the site flows to the northwest — away from the good fields utilized by Tampa Bay Water, and in the opposite direction of the Hillsborough River.

Below, the full statement from Angelo’s Project Manager John Arnold on the state’s intent to deny the permit:

Angelo’s Aggregate Materials is surprised and deeply disappointed by the decision issued today by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Throughout this process we have met or exceeded every existing requirement under state law or DEP rules and regulations.

We have asked for nothing more than the same consideration and due process provided for all applicants for Class I landfills – nothing more and nothing less.

We fully expected approval of the permit because we were told that all concerns  had been addressed and would receive notice if other issues arose. That did not happen.

The stated reason for the denial is concern that sinkhole activity could lead to damage to the Green Swamp and sources of drinking water. The location of the project and the direction of the groundwater flow make it hydrologically impossible for that to occur.

We have committed to measures far exceeding anything that has been required under other recently approved permits for Class I landfills in Florida that are all similar in scope to our project.

We will review the intent to deny and look forward to an objective review and ruling from an administrative law judge.

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