Many people are getting hooked on owning an e-bike. They are faster than regular bikes and are easier to ride. A study shows that electric bikes allow people to cycle longer and more often.

But, electric bikes need a reliable e-bike motor to power them. Do you want to know more about e-bike motors?

Check this guide below and learn more about an electric bike motor.

What Are the Types of Motor for Electric Bike?

Motor for Electric Bike

There are three types used in e-bikes depending on the location. Here are the three possible types of motor for e-bikes.

Front Hub E-Bike Motor

This motor is at the center of the front wheel. They are lighter and can often look like ordinary bicycles.

But, the downside of this motor is that it is not suitable for cycling on steep hills. This circumstance is due to the lower torque that most front hub motors have.

Rear Hub E-Bike Motor

As the name suggests, this motor is at the center of the rear wheel. They deliver higher torque than front hub motors.

Mid-Drive Motor

This motor is also known as the middle motor because of its location. Mid-drives are more stable and more responsive.

If you plan to climb steep heels, mid-drives are more efficient than hub-driven e-bikes. But, mid-drivers are more expensive than other e-bike motors.

What Is Torque?

What Is Torque

Torque is the force applied to your bike to rotate the back wheel. They often use higher torque in the following bikes:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Off-road bikes
  • Tandems

For most bike users, an output of 40 Nm is okay. For a better level of help in cycling, you need to have enough torque.

What to Look for in E-Bike Motors

Motors need batteries to function, and you need a battery that lasts longer. Look for batteries that have many watt-hours.

Most batteries on the market have a capacity of 300-500 Wh. Some cyclists find 400 Wh enough for a day of cycling.

If you want an e-bike motor upgrade, you can also look for speed sensors. These sensors will provide help and sense the cadence of your pedaling.

They can give a relaxed riding experience. Not to mention, it’s also affordable and low maintenance.

Another thing to look for in buying a motor for an e-bike is the warranty. You can look for more options for e-bikes in Charge Bikes electric bikes. Also, remember to look for quality issues when you buy a cheaper electric bike motor.

For example, some cheaper e-bikes do not have thermal rollback. Thermal rollback keeps the motor from overheating. Overheating can cause the protective enamel surrounding the stator wires to melt off.

Buying a Motor for an Electric Bike

Electric Bike

Remember to know which type of e-bike motor is best for your type of riding. If you are climbing steep hills, pick e-bike motors with enough torque.

But in general, mid-drives are the usual pick among cyclists. Note the speed, torque, and if you are climbing hills or cruising when buying e-bike motors.

Did you find this guide about electric bike motors helpful? Check out some of our other guides and stay informed on different topics!

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