Maintaining a safe and efficient warehouse is no easy feat. Having the proper lighting in place can help you meet these goals in the loading, distributing, packaging and storage areas of your warehouse.

LED lights are a preferred option to replace common industrial warehouse lighting options like metal halide, mercury vapor, halogen, and HPS flood lighting fixtures and an excellent choice for new construction.

We are sharing our five favorite LED options for warehouse lighting.

Top 5 LED Warehouse Light Options

LED light fixtures are the most versatile and energy-efficient option for lighting your warehouse. With the ability to be purchased as complete fixtures for new construction or as retrofits for current fixtures, they are also extremely versatile.

1. Best Metal Halide Replacement- 150 Watt LED High Bay Light

Replacing a metal halide light with LEDs will use 70% less energy and can instantly be turned out, without having to warm up. This light is independently verified at 131 lumens to watt.

2. Best Small Bulb Replacement- 150 Watt E39 LED Bulb

These LED bulbs are perfect for replacing small bulbs throughout a warehouse. Using 90% less energy than incandescents, they are easy to install and come with a five-year warranty.

3. Best Fluorescent Replacement- Retrofit Kits

Although the fluorescent tube is less expensive initially than LED lights, it will cost you upwards of 40% on energy costs. Fluorescent lighting is also more prone to flicker causing a strain on the human eyes. Retrofit kits are excellent to upgrade fluorescent lighting without having to remove your fixtures. With retrofit kits, you keep your fixture, but save on energy costs and oftentimes get rebates.

4. Best LED Light for Open Areas- High Bay UFO Lighting

Excellent for open areas like a large warehouse is the High Bay UFO lights. They provide a wider coverage which means you need a few light fixtures to brighten the space.

5. Best LED Lights for Wet Locations- LED Canopy Lights

If your loading zones or other areas have the potential to get wet, then LED canopy lights are a great choice. These lights heighten safety and provide greater security in areas like corridors, entryways, walkways, and basements.

The LED Difference

LED warehouse light fixtures can be used throughout your entire building and make a huge difference on your bottom line and safety. Top reasons to update your lighting to LED include:

  • They offer the same bright lighting and coverage as the old-school fluorescent and metal-halide warehouse lighting but use less energy.
  • Lasting up to 100,000 hours of life means you won’t have to be changing fixtures as often which means less money on maintenance.
  • With the installation of LED warehouse light fixtures, companies can immediately save money on energy and light maintenance.

Ready to Update Your Industrial Warehouse Lighting?

Tired of overpaying on lighting costs at your warehouse? There are many factors when it comes to upgrading your industrial warehouse lighting. Before you start your LED warehouse lighting project, you will want to read the Buyers Guide to LED Warehouse Lighting.

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