The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the Seminole County supervisor of elections has come up with a creative way to prevent the changes to state elections laws in House Bill 1355 from limiting voter registration among high school students.

The measure places new restrictions on third-party voter registration groups. According to guidelines from the state’s Division of Elections:

A third-party voter registration organization means any person, entity, or organization that solicits or collects any voter registration application, but does not include:

… a person engaged in registering to vote or collecting voter registration applications as an employee or agent of the Division of Elections, supervisor of elections, DHSMV, or an official voter registration agency.

The new regulations could potentially ensnare a school official who collects a registration form from a student, but according to the Sentinel, Seminole County Supervisor Mike Ertel intends to get around that potential problem by swearing in all the county’s high school principals as his agents on Thursday.

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