Monday was a good day for Adam Hasner. He lost his best-funded competitor in the GOP race to challenge Sen. Bill Nelson, and picked up endorsements from three conservative groups:

  • The Iowa-based American Future Fund PAC, a business-backed group that spent millions supporting GOP candidates in 2010, which singled out Hasner for his fiscal conservatism:

    Hasner served as a Florida State Representative for four consecutive terms from 2002 until 2010. In 2008, then-Speaker Marco Rubio tapped Hasner to serve as the Majority Leader for the Florida House. He has been a tough advocate for Florida taxpayers, leading the Florida effort to demand the US Congress pass a balanced budget amendment and sponsoring legislation to undo then Governor Charlie Crist’s Obama style cap and trade plan. Adam has also been a strong leader in support of Israel, being nationally recognized in his efforts to warn about radical Islam.

  • The Concerned Women of America PAC, a socially conservative group that touts its ability to jump into tight races and counter groups that support abortion rights, praised Hasner as a “proven pro-life, pro-family conservative.”
  • Perhaps the crown jewel of the bunch, the tea party-affiliated group FreedomWorks, whose PAC director told the conservative website The Daily Caller that Hasner has a record as “the sort of go-to guy for years for the limited government crowd.”

These groups cover his fiscal and social conservative bases. Does yesterday’s string of victories make Hasner the front-runner? Possibly.

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