The American Family Association has just announced it will give more than $100,000 to the Mississippi Personhood Amendment.

The money will go toward promoting Proposition 26, the amendment that aims to define personhood as beginning at the moment of conception. Though Personhood representatives have argued that they are simply interested in banning abortion, critics argue that the bill could outlaw some forms of birth control and could lead to criminal prosecutions against women suffering miscarriages.

In a newly released video, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon says that the Mississippi amendment could eventually lead to overturning Roe v. Wade. Wildmon then goes on to implore supporters to help the Association recoup its money:

It takes money to educate people across Mississippi. The only way you can do that is by buying ads, sending mailers, getting on radio. … It costs money to educate people and get people to go to the polls and remind them to vote “yes.” So won’t you help us? AFA has committed over $100,000 to this campaign. That was not in our normal operating budget. But it’s something we felt necessary to do, we felt compelled to go ahead and make this gift to the Personhood Amendment, so that we can get it passed. And so I’m asking you to help us here at AFA, if you possibly can, to be as generous as you can in recouping this $100,000.

Mississippians will vote on the bill this November.

A similar effort was launched in Florida last year, but an amendment has yet to materialize due to a lack of signatures. Personhood Florida director Bryan Longworth has vowed that he will not give up, and will continue attempting to place a personhood measure on Florida’s ballot.

Mississippi Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant also recently professed his backing of the Personhood Amendment. Bryant has a fan in the Family Association’s Wildmon, who endorsed him in 2007. In 2004, the organization named Bryant (who is currently running for governor) its “Statesman of the Year” (.pdf). As previously reported by our sister site, The Washington Independent, the Family Association is “a religious nonprofit with a record of backing events featuring prominent conservative candidates” and is “prohibited from directly or indirectly supporting or opposing any candidate for public office, and is barred from any type of political fundraising.”

Watch the video:

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