American Crossroads, the conservative political action organization associated with Karl Rove and Ed Gillespe, is declaring its intention today to spend more than $10 million on a midterm get-out-the-vote effort in eight battleground states, including Florida. The program is called “MOVERS” (.pdf) (Mobilizing Our Voters to End Reckless Spending):

The MOVERS program will be augmented by GOTV activities in these and other states by other independent groups that are working with American Crossroads. In each of the eight target states, American Crossroads will use enhanced voter files and data on absentee ballot and early voting patterns to deliver absentee ballot mailers with chase calls, early voting notifications by mail and phone calls, and a 72-hour mail and phone call blitz prior to Election Day. Target universes for the program include high, medium and low propensity Republican voters, as well as high propensity independent voters.

This is the kind of stuff — developing databases, mobilizing voters – that was previously the bread and butter of the state and national committees, particularly the Republican National Committee. But with theRNC’s fundraising woes continuing unabated, outside groups like American Crossroads and FreedomWorks are launching get-out-the-vote efforts in order to pick up the slack.

While they’re legally barred from coordinating with state committees and politicians, one advantage the groups might have is their discretion in spending scarce resources. The RNC prioritizes its efforts as well, but internal politics dictate that the committee spend on behalf of Republicans in all 50 states. American Crossroads, by contrast, will be focusing all its resources in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire and the state of Washington.

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