It may seem a bit cold and gloomy outside still. But before you know it, the sun will be once again delivering its warm rays to entice people to go outdoors.

But why wait until the warm weather arrives before making plans? Many activities fill up quickly, so getting a jump on some of them now will ensure your kids will have a place later on.

Here are some summer outdoor activity ideas that are sure to have your kids leaving the home for some adventure without complaining “I’m bored”!

1. Join Organized Sports

These types of activities, in particular, can benefit from early enrolment. But there are so many possibilities when it comes to outdoor sports for kids: soccer, T-ball, and inline-skating hockey to name just a few.

Sports have the benefit of being organized, so you’ll likely have a schedule ahead of time you can plan around them. There’s also adult supervision so things don’t get out of hand.

Team sports have many benefits for kids outside of purely having fun. For example, they’ve been shown to help children develop better self-esteem, and teach them how to “roll with the punches” as they say. But if there’s a mishap, you can rest assured officials will get in touch with an urgent care center if needed.

As a parent, you could always find out if there are opportunities to volunteer as a coach or another position in the league, so you stay close to your child and enjoy the fun together.

2. Go On Scavenger Hunts

These are a great way for your children to get some exercise while also using their exploration and critical thinking skills.

There are a number of ways you can set up a scavenger hunt. You could write out a list of things that you would commonly find in a park, such as trees, insects, and interesting rocks to check off as they’re located. Giving the child a camera to capture an image of each item they find can enhance the experience.

But the scavenger hunts don’t have to be limited to just finding objects. They can be tied to experiences as well. For example, for older kids, you could write out an experiential list that includes hanging from a tree (preferably a low branch for safety) or skipping a rock.

3. Create an Obstacle Course

No, you don’t have to run a 10-mile course and climb 20-foot walls like some extreme obstacle courses. Instead, you could arrange some simple and safe items in the backyard for your kids to run around (or over).

If you don’t have suitable items to use for a timed obstacle course (make them compete against their own times), then there’s another approach you can take. With a bit of chalk, draw instructions at each “station” that could include doing a certain number of jumping jacks or standing on one foot for 10 seconds.

4. Try Backyard Camping

While you could always round up the camping supplies and drive into the wilderness to camp, you don’t necessarily have to in order to get the camping experience.

Instead, you could turn your own yard into a camping site, complete with fire pit and tent. (Make sure you check out local fire laws to ensure a residential campfire is allowed.) Roast marshmallows, tell scary stories and play guitar.

It’s probably also wise for a parent to sleep alongside the kids overnight in their own tent as a matter of safety.

5. Play Water Balloon Baseball

Water balloons are a fun way to get outside and stay refreshed during the long summer days.

However, you can take it to the next level by combining it with baseball. Pre-fill a bunch of balloons with water and head to the backyard or park with a baseball bat (you can find baseball batsΒ for sale that are age-appropriate.) Let your kids take a swing and see if they can break open the balloons – for a refreshing surprise!

6. Make Rock Art

If there’s one thing there are a lot of outside during summer, it’s rocks. Kids love finding them and collecting them, and they also love art. So why not combine the two?

There are many ways to use rocks to be creative. For example, you could paint the rocks or put messages on them. Or your kids could create interesting arrangements or even make sculptures with them for others to enjoy outside.

Whatever they choose, rocks are ideal because they’re abundant and everywhere. However, be sure to keep some legalities in mind when collecting rocks from public parks and other sources.

7. Organize a Bike Parade

Riding a bike outside is one of the great staples of summer. But you can take it up a notch by inviting other neighborhood kids to dress up their bikes and go on a parade.

To get the word out, you can use social media or post signs around the street. Tell kids to be super-imaginative with how they decorate their bikes, from streamers to glow in the dark stickers.

Once they’re all lined up, have the parents cheer them on and take pictures to enjoy later. You could even offer up some prizes (with the help of neighbors) for the best-decorated bikes or best helmet!

8. Explore Your Town

When making summer travel plans, people rarely plan tours of their own town or city. But to save money on gas and lineups at the airport, maybe this summer is the time to discover everything your locale has to offer.

Do some research about local landmarks to check out. Explore a local museum. Follow some trails that you haven’t tried before.

At the end of the day, you can take the family to a restaurant in the area you’ve been meaning to try for ages but never seemed to have the time!

Enjoy Summer Outdoor Activity With Kids

The summer is the perfect time to get outside with your kids for some adventure! It doesn’t take a lot of money – with a bit of imagination, you can keep your kids (and yourself) amused during the warmest months.

Did you enjoy this article about summer outdoor activity? If so, be sure to come back for more content on parenting and more.

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