Do you need special fixtures when your plan is to install high bay LED lights?

The answer is probably right there in front of you, especially in those three letters – LED. When you choose light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures, you’ll have the “special fixtures” you need to provide great lighting for open areas and larger work spaces.

But, don’t be misled by the term “cheap light fixtures.” You can buy high quality lighting at a reasonable price, without sacrificing dependability and efficiency. Consider the improvement you’ll make when you replace all your current lighting with new high bay LED lights, or when you select LED lighting for new construction or an addition to your current commercial or industrial structure.

Why Are They Called High Bay Lights?

These fixtures are designed specifically to illuminate open spaces with high ceilings. When builders construct buildings to serve businesses needing a lot of room overhead, they generally plan on ceilings 20 feet or more from floor level. Ceiling height can reach as high as 45 feet. Of course, you’ll need a more powerful source to give you the light you need.

It’s the right choice for assembly lines, workshops, factories and similar commercial locations. School districts often choose high bay LED lights for their gymnasiums and recreation spaces. Companies may also work with providers to get proper lighting for storage areas and warehouses. In fact, warehouse use is one of the more common places you’ll see these fixtures.

Here’s a list of the many uses you’ll have for high bay LED lights:

  • Factory
  • Assembly line
  • Gymnasium
  • Warehouse
  • Storage facility
  • Airplane hangars
  • Covered parking with higher ceilings
  • Conference center

Your Goal

When you work with lighting specialists who offer cheap light fixtures, make sure you aren’t investing in lights that are cheaply made. Remember, you can buy reliable fixtures at lower prices, without compromising. You should focus on getting consistent illumination without as little glare as possible. In the past, it was common to use fluorescent or metal-halide lights because they were the only options.

Today, of course, you can use high bay LED lights, which means your business benefits from very long life and unmatched energy efficiency. You may believe those classic incandescent fixtures are less expensive, which is true in the beginning. However, you’ll pay more as time goes on because those traditional bulbs waste a lot of electrical energy by producing heat.

Choose from a variety of styles when selecting your high bay LED lights. Talk with your supplier of cheap light fixtures about your specific lighting needs for work, as well as your personal tastes in the work-space atmosphere you’re trying to create. To give you some idea where to start, a 450-watt, metal-halide fixture will provide lighting equal to a 200-watt LED fixture. You will, however, experience cooler temperatures and use a lot less energy.

Visit the website of your provider of quality lighting now, or call to talk to a lighting expert. Invest a little time in planning your lighting project, with the help of a specialist. It’s the wise move.

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