Colorado is an amazing state that doesn’t get enough attention for everything it offers. From the highest city in the United States to some of the best sports fans and rock climbing locations in the works: getting to know Colorado is something everyone should do at least once. Here are the best cities to visit in Colorado.

Best 5 Cities to Visit in Colorado

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Alma: The Highest Elevation

If you want to say you visited the highest city in the United States: Alma can give you that chance!Β  Located over 10,000 feet above sea level, this dizzying city has a lot of small-town charm to it, while the refreshing crisp and thin air will have you excited to see whatever it has to offer. Alma is a city where you want to visit in Colorado. The locals of this small town are very welcoming to tourists, and there’s a huge push behind rock climbing and sightseeing in this area!

Denver: Fantastic Sports and Fun

Whether you’re coming to town to enjoy a sporting event or to look at Denver apartments, this city won’t fail to impress. This is one of the best cities to visit in Colorado. There’s something incredible about the way Denver rallies together whenever a team is playing; it changes the entire feeling of the city. If sports aren’t your main interest, you can still enjoy the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, which puts on live performances and showcases local talent, or check out the Denver Art Museum that will inspire and delight anyone who visit Colorado!

Colorado Springs: Outdoors Excitement

Located 6,000 feet above sea level, Colorado Springs is the perfect mid-height city. This is another best city to visit in Colorado. Although the elevation won’t leave your head spinning, the amount of fun and excitement you can find outdoors here will! For example, you can visit the Broadmore, a luxury spa, and golf hotel, or go and sightsee at the Garden of the Gods nature park that’s full of incredible natural rock formations. Every step in this city will wow and impress, and you won’t want to go back home.

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Boulder: A Tech Hub In the Mountains

Sitting at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder has made an international name for itself in the tech industry.Β  Although the city has historic and incredible places to visit, like the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. You can also slip outside of the town and see the stunning views that are the first thing people think of when Colorado comes to mind.Β  Boulder is a city with a very clear work and plays balance, and visiting this area will remind you what matters in life.

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Aspen: Fun Skiing and Artsy Vibes

Aspen is a city all its own!Β  You won’t find another place on Earth like Aspen because it works hard to create a unique identity for itself. From the incredible skiing and fun, you can have outdoors to the artsy and beautiful shops that will allow you to take part of the local culture home with you, there’s something about Aspen that can’t be contained. If you’re visiting Colorado, this is a must-stop city that should be on everyone’s list.

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