88% of consumers have agreed that getting a massage is effective for reducing pain. However, the benefits don’t stop there.

Massage therapy is good for much more than just pampering yourself. In fact, there are many health benefits linked to massage therapy. It can help with things such as high blood pressure, injuries, and much more.

Could you imagine improving your health while getting to have a massage?

Well, there are actually many benefits of massage therapy that you could be enjoying.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

CBD Oil Massage

Regularly seeing a massage therapist can help you lower your blood pressure and keep it lower in the long term. Massages help to relax your body, and can even lower the stress hormone cortisol while boosting endorphins. This helps to relax your blood vessels, lowering your blood pressure.

2. Avoid and Treat Injuries

Another big benefit of massage therapy is the ability to help prevent and treat injuries. It is particularly useful for professional athletes that are doing their best to avoid injury.

Athletes need their muscles in perfect working order to perform at the level expected of them. Massages increase blood flow to the muscles which helps keep them at their best.

It can also help to stimulate the lymphatic system and get rid of things like lactic acid that can build up in the muscles. Lactic acid can increase pain and muscle fatigue, which can then lead to injury.

Massage therapy is also a great way to treat injuries. When a muscle is injured it can benefit from the increased oxygen and nutrients that are driven to the muscle when it is massaged, helping it heal quicker. It also strengthens the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the injury.

effects of massage

For example, whiplash injuries are very common after car accidents, and they can benefit greatly from massage therapy. If you’ve been in an accident consider a car accident chiropractor to help you recover.

3. Helps Treat Depression

Depression can manifest in more than the mental aspects of the disease. Depression often causes physical symptoms such as aches and pains as well as mental and physical fatigue.

While massage therapy won’t cure depression, it can be greatly helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms. Massage therapy can help to relieve those aches and pains and loosen tight muscles. The increased blood flow can also help you have increased energy.

Along with depression frequently comes anxiety as well. The relaxation and increased dopamine and serotonin levels can help to lessen anxiety.

4. Improve Posture

Spending so much time hunched over a computer, desk, or phone can wreak havoc on your posture. Massage therapy is a great way to work on reversing the effects of poor posture.

When you have poor posture it overuses certain sections of your back and can result in sore, tight muscles. Massaging these areas helps to move blood to those sore muscles. This helps to relax them and loosen the joints around them.

deep tissue massage

When those muscles are relaxed it is easier to position your body in a more natural position with good posture.

Enjoy The Benefits of Massage Therapy

No matter who you are, from an athlete to an office worker you can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy. It’s not only for those special spa days anymore!

Have you been to a massage therapist before? Let us know in the comments!

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