Your home is your pride and joy. Most people accomplish this through landscaping or painting the front of their house, but have you stopped to think about your roof and alternative roofing materials? One of the greatest ways to demonstrate how proud you are of your home is through exterior renovations that boost curb appeal.

As it turns out, there are a number of alternative roofing materials that can really make your home stand out. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then read on to learn all about the alternative roofing materials that can make your home the star of the block!

1. Stone-Coated Metal

Are you looking for a new roof that has a traditional style but a more modern look? Then a stone-coated metal roof might be a good option for you.

Stone-coated metal looks like traditional asphalt shingles, but upon closer inspection, has a much more sleek and modern look. Apart from the aesthetic, it brings to your home, stone-coated metal roofs offer superior protection to things like wind, hail, and fire. The shingles are made from corrosion-resistant metal that has a permanent coating of granite bonded to it.

Finally, stone-coated metal has an expected life of up to 50 years, so it’s a solid investment.

asphalt shingle and metal roofing

2. Solar Shingles

If you’re preparing for a roof replacement, then you might be looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is with solar shingles.

You might be used to seeing massive solar panels attached to roofs, resulting in a roof that doesn’t have a cohesive look. Thankfully, solar shingles can blend in with the rest of your roof and offer the same benefits as solar panels.

Solar shingles are made of materials such as tempered glass that allow them to offer the same protection as your standard shingle. Your new solar shingles start paying for themselves from the moment they’re installed. This is what makes them a truly solid investment.

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3. Copper Roof

If you’ve got a big budget and want to put a roof on your home that really stands out, then you should check out copper roofing.

Copper roofs look just like the pots you have in your kitchen, but they will oxidize over time and take on greenish cast a la the Statue of Liberty. The end result is a roof that looks like your home was plucked right out of Paris.

Copper roofs are beautiful as alternative roofing materials, but they come at a hefty cost. Thankfully, they offer the same amount of protection as typical roofing materials and last just as long. If you’ve also taken other steps to be more sustainable, you may want to include a dedicated page on your website that showcases your efforts. For businesses that operate in the South Florida area, you can head here to check your options for solar financing in South Florida.

Are You Looking for Alternative Roofing Materials for Your Home?

These are just a few of the alternative roofing materials that you can use to make your home more energy-efficient and boost your home’s curb appeal. If you have a big enough budget, your roof can help make your home the most intriguing house on the block or it can add a subtle modern flair. With all of these options available, you better start planning out your new roof as soon as possible!

Interested in learning more about how to improve your home? Check out the rest of our blog for everything you need to know!

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