With conflict as a constant in the world, there is always comfort knowing there are thought leaders and innovators seeking to help society reach solutions to our problems through collaborations and alternate paradigms.

This idea, alongside their love of breakthrough innovations, is the basis for ThriveOn.com, a collaborative solution-based, and media hosting website led by Kimberly Carter Gamble, CEO of Thrive On, LLC, and Producer, Director, & Co-Writer of ThriveOn’s documentaries, Thrive I: What on Earth Will it Take? and Thrive II: This is What it Takes, and Foster Gamble, President of ThriveOn and primary researcher, co-writer and visual designer of both films.

Foster Gamble, President of ThriveOn

Driven by their desire to spread truthful information and inspire global change, ThriveOn.com features their own media hub, which hosts both of their Thrive documentaries and other related videos, articles, interviews, and more.

“We ask the question, ‘What can we do to learn how to live harmoniously with each other without compromising our individual beliefs and actions?’ ThriveOn’s media hub looks to diagnose critical issues and help develop collaborative solutions through informative and educational media,” explains Kimberly.

Following the success of Thrive I as one of the most widely viewed documentaries in history – with over 91 million views in 27 languages, Kimberly and Foster created the ThriveOn media hub to be a locus for individuals searching for collaborative solutions to major world problems and questions.

Thrive I

“With my life’s work, the number one priority is education,” says Foster. “People need to be exposed to compelling, coherent information and perspectives so they can begin to start thinking for themselves. We are dedicated to using the power of media and film to reach as many people as possible to inspire and empower them to go out and do what they can about these problems.”

Citing his own passion for problem-solving, Foster describes the 13 Sectors, ThriveOn’s whole-systems approach to education and problem-solving. Serving as one of the many tools offered on ThriveOn.com, each sector explores how any issue in any one sector can be used to connect with and solve problems in another sector, bringing together experts and their passions to use their knowledge towards creating a thriving world.” Having coached groups all over the world in this “restoring wholeness of natural systems,” Kimberly and Foster look to extend this education to ThriveOn’s space online.

Thrive II

At the center of looking to offer collaborative work towards solving these issues lies ThriveOn.com’s collaborative Solutions Hub, an innovative collaboration tool that facilitates coordination and activism. Offering infrastructure and tools for worldwide self-organizing groups to collaborative solutions in an effective and seamless way, the free-to-join collaborative solutions Hub will allow users to connect and work on any issue based on region or cause. The tool will be available in 40 different languages and will allow others to upload and download documents, videos, and other media, serving as a platform to accomplish change in a more streamlined way when it launches soon.

Subscribers to ThriveOn.com also receive access to the Freedom Portal, an interactive platform that makes available to numerous online streams, unlimited access to Thrive II, and other exclusive Thrive On content. The Freedom Portal’s online streams, all hosted by Foster, go live three times a month, with each session being under a different series.

“The Freedom Portal gives subscribers a platform to challenge ideas and learn more about intriguing educational topics, informing their activism for beneficial change,” says Kimberly.

The Freedom Portal virtual sessions include 7 Levels Deep, an opportunity to explore critical topics from different perspectives, ThriveOn Network Dialogue, a live Q&A conversation, and the ThriveOn Worldview Pioneer Series, a round table discussion series featuring cutting edge experts from various fields and industries.

For more information on subscribing and more, visit ThriveOn.com.

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