The American Conservative Union announced today that Rep. Allen West, R-Fort Lauderdale, will be a featured speaker at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which will be held in February in Washington, D.C.

Calling him a “true patriot,” ACU chairman Al Cardenas lauded West in a press release sent out earlier today.

“Congressman Allen West is a true patriot and a great friend of the American Conservative Union. In his short time in Congress, Allen West has proved himself a principled, conservative leader, fighting for more freedom, at home and abroad, and working to limit the growth of government to ensure American families keep more of their hard-earned dollars,” said Cardenas. “The American Conservative Union looks forward to hosting CPAC next February as the premier venue to highlight conservative leaders, principles and policies in 2012.”

West acted as the keynote speaker at the last national CPAC event, which was held in February 2011. In September, CPAC hosted a Florida event, which featured a host of Republican lawmakers (including would-be GOP presidential nominees) and political pundits.

West, a tea party favorite, didn’t speak at the CPAC Florida event, but was still a hot topic of discussion. Referencing a tiff between West and fellow Floridian Debbie Wasserman Schultz, political provocateur Ann Coulter called West an “utterly studly, articulate, elegant war hero.”

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