David Woodward, a blogger at Daily Kos in Delray Beach, reported a man standing with a cell phone recording voters:

While I waited, which was about another ten minutes I observed a gentleman standing behind all the voting officials with an “I Voted” sticker on and his cell phone open. He was recording data into his cell phone. Then, cell phone open he would walk over to the open computer screens with all the voter data displayed and record more data, then walk around the table to look at the info the Haitian man in front of me had written down on his registration form then back to his open cell phone to record more data. This happened to ALL of the people sitting at all four computers gathering info.

Talking Points Memo picked up the story, and another voter confirmed his account. Woodward followed up with the state board of elections about the poll watcher filming voters:

At any rate, I was escorted out by the Supervisor of Elections and told I had already caused her enough embarrassment. She said I “could go ahead and be a Rockstar” when I asked if I could use the information I had obtained there and if I used any of that info I “would never again be sitting in a chair in her office.” As Bucher closed the gate behind me she said, “Be careful out there.”

The poll-watcher, Richard Fauteck, who has donated to Republicans, also submitted his side of the story. He said, “I was standing behind the clerks as the room was small and crowded and this allowed me to see if all procedures were being followed and they appeared to be.”

If you see any voting irregularities in Florida, contact the editor or you can submit your comments anonymously.

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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