According to a Gallup poll, 12% of all Americans, or just over 39 million people smoke marijuana.

But even if it is mainstream and accepted, information isn’t always readily available. You may want to consume it but don’t know what the most popular marijuana strains are.

That’s where we come in. We know it and you want to know it.

All strains of marijuana plants come from one of two genera: Indica or Sativa. Over time growers have been able to make hybrids via cross-pollination of the two.

These two original genera have unique characteristics and they are as follows:

  • Indica
    • A relaxing, downtempo experience. Indica provides a calming deep body experience
  • Sativa
    • Much more of a generating, energy-based experience. If Indica is a body high then you can say Sativa is mental.

The Top Contenders

1. Acapulco Gold—Sativa

Many swear by its reputation as being one of the greatest strains of marijuana ever raised.

It owes its namesake to the resemblance it has to nuggets of gold before being broken up. When broken to be consumed it releases a toffee-like odor.

Acapulco is treasured for its uplifting properties, leaving the consumer in an energetic bright mood and is a child strain of the Mexican family.

2. Blue Dream—Sativa

And extremely popular varietal all across the United States, Blue Dream is a Sativa focused hybrid of Blueberry and Haze.

Because it is a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica there is a pleasant mixture of both a body high as well as the mental stimulation.

Neither overpowers and allows for a very calm, relaxing experience.

3. Bubba Kush—Indica

The “body high” aspects of an Indica can be better found nowhere else. The Bubba Kush is the absolute best example of them. It has a reputation for having near tranquilizing effects.

But do not mistake these for an uncomfortable experience, this variety is extremely popular.

The story goes that in 1996 the OG Kush had cross-pollinated with another Indica variety in a nearby growing area and ended up producing Bubba.

4. Chemdawg—Hybrid

A legend in the growing world, Chemdawg is the originator of countless other top names like Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

However, its potency for providing a powerful mental experience only adds to its esteemed status.

You will always know when this variety is nearby due to its unique, fuel-like odor.

5. G13—Indica

The strain of FBI and secret agent myth! There are (almost certainly false) stories about the strain claiming it stems from experiments involving the government growing superweed plants.

True or not, G13 is a powerhouse of an Indica. There is very few that measure up to the experience that it will give the consumer.

6. Green Crack—Sativa

Quite the refreshing selection, a child of Skunk no.1, Green is full of citrus enjoyment. The odor it emits and the taste both hint at mango, making it perfect for a summer day outdoors.

A very refreshing Sativa that, despite the name, has nothing to do with crack!

7. Ingrid—Indica

The last is gaining more popularity as of late, one of the more visually interesting of the plants. It is recognized by a tightly packed bud and incredibly bright, neon green flowers.

Ingrid will be a perfect companion on a day you need to take time to slow down and meditate or just take in the world. The high is a very subtle, warming experience.

If these have sparked your interest, head over to Harvest House of Cannabis Blog and learn even more about your favorite varieties and other specialized Marijuana topics.

Only Serving the Best

Now that you know what the most popular marijuana strains are, you are better suited to serve your needs properly.

When used responsibly, marijuana can be a powerful tool to help with health and wellness. If you are looking for more tools to help with your health, follow the rest of our blog and social media!

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