Despite the fact that it’s something we take for granted and use every day, fabric is actually a pretty cool thing. Did you know that the earliest known fabric was called flax and is still used to make linen? Or that man-made fabric fibers only came to fruition in the last 100 years? Yeah, we didn’t either, but it’s pretty cool, in any case.

But if you’re someone who’s interested in arts and crafts that can be done with fabric, you’re probably interested in far more than their history. You’re probably interested all about fabrics and the types you can use to make the best craft project possible.

Here, we’ll tell you all about various fabric types that you can use to unleash your creativity!


It’s a classic for a reason: cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics in the world. Pretty much any piece of casual clothing (besides denim) that you buy will say something about being made of cotton on the tags.

And why wouldn’t the makers of these items boast about using cotton in their products? Cotton is an extremely comfy fabric to wear, not being itchy or uncomfortable in the same way a lot of fabrics are. If you’re making clothes of any kind for you or someone else, consider this as a great fabric to start with.


Wool and yarn is a great fabric to use when you want to make accessories like scarves, gloves, and hats. It’s a warm, soft fabric that everyone loves to put against their skin. If you’re making a gift for a special person, think about using wool.

Plus, you can buy woven fabric by the yard, so that’ll make creating these gifts fun and easy!


Since… well, it was invented, silk has been a sleek, sexy fabric used to show off wealth or… other endowments. It’s a staple of a lot of different kinds of clothing, from vintage dresses to lingerie. It also has a lot of uses for things like scarves and purses, so it’s a versatile fabric that can be purchased both online and in stores.

Silk is used in a lot of oriental items since it’s big in China. China is the single biggest maker of silk and has been for hundreds of years, so think about making something in a fashionable East Asian style when you purchase silk.


When you think of nylon, you probably think of fashionable tights. But what you probably don’t know is that nylon’s great for other crafts, too, because it’s a really tough and resilient fabric.

Consider spicing up your creations with nylon. It’s a material lots of people won’t think to use and will give your project a unique flair.

Learn All About Fabrics!

As you can see, there are lots of different types of fabrics to suit whatever creative needs you might have. Whether you’re looking to make something of cotton or of nylon, you can learn all about fabrics and learn everything you can make.

Now that you know about this, you might be interested to read some fashion quotes you can think of when you’re creating clothing or accessories.

Go, have fun, and express yourself!

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