Did you know that the first record of distilled alcohol dates back to the twelfth century? Humans have made and perfected distilled beverages for close to a millennium. Although many other processes have changed, distilling methods have not evolved nearly as much.

Have you ever thought about operating a home distillery or even turning it into a business? Here are some tips for how to get alcohol distillation equipment and decide what you will need.

Choose the Right Still

Choose the Right Still

The type of distillation equipment you need depends on what you want to make or who you want to serve it to. For instance, if you want to mass-produce, you will need commercial distilling equipment rather than home distilling equipment.

When it comes to craft beer and distilling equipment, there are two main types of stills. The pot still and the column still are both used widely today. The pot still is simpler to use, but the column still provides a more fine and distilled alcohol.

Find a Boiler and Mash Tun

When you brew alcohol, you use a mash tun to mix your grains and other ingredients that will go into the final product. In addition, you will need to hook the mash tun up to a boiler to heat up the liquid.

Pick a Pump

A high-quality pump can make or break your distillation process. Experts recommend investing in a more expensive pump that will last you, rather than having to go through multiple pumps in the same time period.

If your pump breaks, it can put you out of business because of how long it can take to replace.

Store Your Alcohol

Store Your Alcohol

Once you finish your batch, you need to make sure that it ferments enough and you store it properly. Once you spend time and money making your alcoholic product, you should store it in a high-quality tank. These varieties include a hot liquor tank, a cooling liquor tank, or a simple storage tank.

Filter Your Water

Although water quality can differ from place to place, it is always a good idea to get filtered water into your distillation equipment. Hard water can ruin machinery more quickly if you do not treat it beforehand and can also be unsafe.

In addition, some waters can mess up the flavor of your final product. Do not waste your time distilling high-quality alcohol, only to find out that you can’t sell it because of something in the water.

Find Your Perfect Alcohol Distillation Equipment

Find Your Perfect Alcohol Distillation Equipment

If you want to start a distillery, you should not have to worry about assembling the wrong process. With these tips for alcohol distillation equipment, you can build the setup that suits your needs, and you’ll be distilling in no time.

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