AJMB Hospitality brand is a new company that is announcing itself as a disruptor in the hospitality industry. Adina Brunetti is the brain behind this brand. This new hospitality company will not be working alone, as it will be teaming up with some of the best restaurant and marketing professionals and experts you can find in the industry. In partnership with the aforementioned services, this company aims to deliver top-notch and outstanding hospitality services across the whole of South Florida and beyond. Other partners, such as Adina Creative Food, AB 27 Group, and several media development firms will also be lending their expertise to help ensure this company delivers exceptionally high-quality services, as a way of satisfying stakeholders within the catering and restaurant industry.

AJMB Hospitality Launch

β€œI feel super-excited having discovered many unexplored channels that exist in the hospitality industry today. Exploring those unique perspectives can enable hotels offer better quality services to their customers as they increase their profit-margin in the process,” says Adina.

Time has changed and the hospitality industry worldwide is no longer what it used to be a few years back. The application of high-end technology and the emergence of multiple brands have helped this industry evolve into a market worth several billion dollars. It has also been estimated that the hospitality market on a global scale will be expanding from where it currently is to almost $7 billion by 2026! Florida has always been a strategic location for setting up hospitality businesses. Hotels and restaurants are springing up every day in Florida because it’s known to be a high-traffic destination for tourists around the world. So, it’s not a secret why businessmen prefer Florida to open their hospitality business.

Hospitality business

That said, Adina is of the view that there are still many untapped opportunities investors can benefit from in this industry, which explains one of the reasons for launching AJMB Hospitality.

AJMB Hospitality will offer different service packages, which include event entertaining, catering, restaurant marketing & promotions, as well as events. If you are thinking Adina is new in this industry, you are wrong. Adina is not new to projects within the hospitality industry; for instance, she has been involved in the development and promotion of many bars & restaurants and some special events both locally and internationally. She has also authored several books that highlight hospitality and marketing businesses.

Hospitality business

So, how is AJMB Hospitality different from other related services? They run a managed cafe solution that simplifies buffet catering, whether it is an office or an apartment. It allows a company to be able to consistently deliver scintillating and customized meal experiences to their clients. The solution is designed to meet the needs of different entities, thanks to its customizable features. AJMB Hospitality’s flexible arrangements in terms of equipment and onsite staffing solutions is perfect for residential and commercial buildings, regardless of their onsite requirements, size, or budget.

Other AJMB Hospitality services include rebranding, team member & member selection, coupled with a sincere aspiration to ensure clients’ success, profitability, and operational efficiency.

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