When you need to manage projects, you’re going to come across different terminology and project management methodologies.

Among the top terms thrown about are Scrum and Agile. Sometimes they’re used in ways that mean the same thing. They’re not.

They can be integrated into your next big project to meet deadlines and be more efficient in doing so. How can they do that?

Read on to learn the difference between Agile vs Scrum and how you can make your next project better.

What is Agile?

Here’s the difference between Agile and Scrum. Agile is a project management framework developed at Toyota in the 1980s. The framework was impressive, and it’s what propelled Toyota to be one of the top auto manufacturers.

Other companies caught on to what Toyota was doing to be successful and started to incorporate the Agile framework for various types of projects, including IT, software development, and manufacturing.

Agile has a set of guidelines that you use in your work. It’s really adapting a new approach to the project instead of following specific processes. The focus is on the result, not the process.

The reason why Agile is so useful is that the framework recognizes that the people working on the project are diverse. They’re individuals.

They’re not subjected to a one-sized-fits all management approach. Another reason why Agile works is that the framework has a consistent feedback loop. Nothing gets lost in the cracks and it’s easy to find ways to improve.

Agile vs Scrum

Within the Agile project management framework lies different methods of accomplishing your end result, such as Scrum and Kanban.

Scrum is commonly used in the Agile framework and the term has its roots in rugby. A scrum is where the opposing teams come together, and the stronger team kicks the ball back to the scrum-half who then passes the ball to the forward line.

Together, the forwards and the rest of the team move the ball forward until a try is scored or they turn the ball over. Along the way, the team runs into obstacles (the other team) that they need to overcome.

There are similarities as to how Scrum works off the pitch. You may have a huge project with a set deadline. Using Scrum, the project is broken down into smaller stages, called sprints, to complete a particular stage of a project.

If you run enough sprints, you’ll get to the end goal much faster than if you just took your time.

Part of the Scrum method is the Scrum meeting. This is a short, 15-minute meeting that takes place every day. This is a check-in meeting run by the Scrum Master. Similar to a scrum-half, the Scrum Master is the link between all of the stakeholders.

Agile and Scrum Work Together

You need to make sure that your big projects happen without any issues. There are many project management methodologies out there, and the two that are often talked about are Agile and Scrum.

When you compare Agile vs Scrum, there’s really nothing to compare. Agile guides the larger set of principles and Scrum is the method used to get to the end result.

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