The cost to run a 30-second ad in the 2018 Superbowl was over $5 million dollars.

Superbowl ads are the best of the best and companies know they will reach a large audience. You might be wondering what makes these ads leave such an impact. 

Whether you are a marketing pro or a first-time small business owner, understanding the importance of powerful and effective advertising is essential to the success of your company.

Keep reading for more information on what makes a good advertisement and how to use these tips to enhance your company’s brand.

What Makes A Good Advertisement?

Advertisements come in many forms and technological advances have changed the way most marketing is done.

Marketing advertisements include print media, TV and internet streaming, radio, social media, email marketing campaigns, and more. You can use technology, such as an ad creator to market your brand.

Regardless of the form of the advertisement, good ones focus on a few important goals.

The biggest goal for advertisers is to connect with their audience. There are different ways to connect with your audience but all good advertisements should have the following goals in mind.

Get Your Viewer’s Attention

Marketing professionals call this using the “pull factor.”

This is essentially the part where you attract the attention of your target audience. If you fail at this part, you won’t have the attention of your viewer and your message will be lost.

There is no secret formula to create the perfect attention grabber. You can get creative with this part.

Hold Their Attention

Just as important as getting the attention of your audience is holding that attention.

If your advertisement captures their attention but doesn’t hold it, your ad will not be memorable or effective. 

Make It Memorable

The key to advertising success is to create a campaign that your audience will think of time and time again.

You can achieve this with various techniques including playing on the emotions of the viewer.

Advertisements that are particularly moving are easy to remember and leave a lasting impact.

Since the dawn of advertising, companies have used slogans and taglines to help their audience remember their brand. 

Call the Viewer to Action

Calling your viewer to action takes making your advertisement memorable to another level and is sure to leave a lasting impact.

If your viewer feels an emotional connection or is given an incentive to take some type of action, they are more likely to remember your brand.

Some of the ways this has been done include partnering with a charity or showcasing a global disaster (i.e. Dawn dish soap being used to clean baby ducks after an oil spill).

Sell Your Brand

The ultimate goal of your advertisement is to sell your brand and your product or service.

While the techniques listed above are part of what makes a good advertisement, there is much more to learn.

If you can create an advertisement that captures and holds the attention of your audience and focuses on the benefits of your company, you are sure to find success. 

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