Travel and adventure can be very liberating. But as life gets busy and we all become part of the mundane schedules, our travel plans keep getting added to our wishlists. Don’t let this become a way of life for you. Travel when you can and as far as you can. Don’t miss out on the adventures this world has to offer.

Check out this list of must-visit destinations to take part in activities that are full of adrenaline rush and satisfy your need for a thrill

Queenstown, New Zealand | Highest Cliff Jump

Are you an adventurous soul? Well, if you are, all you have to do is wear your tactical pants and head to New Zealand.

The country is rightfully known as the land of adventures. It offers you colossal adventurous activities including rafting, ice climbing, hiking, paragliding, flying stunts, trek to active volcanoes, and what not under its umbrella. Not to forget, you can also enjoy swimming with dolphins too!

However, one of the most incredible adventures that you can experience in New Zealand is the world’s highest cliff jump. While you prepare yourself for it, you can witness amazing views and other crazy travelers plucking up the courage and having a good time.

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand.  Adventure sports like Canyon Swing, Hang-gliding, Bungee etc are a must-visit as they are bound to give you an adrenaline rush. Kiwis are adventure seekers and you can easily find them at one of these spots.

We would also suggest you also visit Waitomo Caves in New Zealand to witness the surreal view when thousands of glowworms lit the caves.

Indonesia| Night Volcano Trekking

Greater the risk, greater will be the rewards. Volcanoes are amazing and trekking to one is a hell of an adventure.  If you’re planning a trip to Yogyakarta, which is located in Java, Indonesia, then you can try night trekking a volcano and reach Bali.

If you plan to visit the volcano in daylight, you can climb the top and watch the magnificent volcano lake. The sunrise at the lake is a sight that shouldn’t be missed. You can plan a night trek to witness this early morning magic. But a word of caution, if you have a breathing problem or any other health issue, avoid being near sulfur flames.

Leh, India | Hiking & River Rafting

One of the most adventurous places in India, Leh offers hiking, cycling, and river rafting through rugged ridges and jade-green rivers.

Leh is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous and picturesque cities in India. Apart from its splendid beauty, it is famous for the daredevils as well. It’s just surreal to be around those ochre and bare mountains with all rocks alongside jade-green lakes and rivers!

Although you might enjoy the adrenaline pumping from activities such as river rafting and cycling, the real fun in Leh is on foot. You will have hundreds of pristine hiking trails covered around mountains and with Buddhist monasteries. A sight for the sore eyes!

Longyearbyen in Norway | Snowy Adventures

You might think Iceland is the best place to go for snowboarding and snow adventures. But, that’s not the case, Longyearbyen in Norway is located on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and offers a fantastic sight of snowboarding and dog sled.

Did you know, two-third of the polar desert tundra is covered with glaciers? Not only is it a great sight to behold, but it is also a popular attraction for trekking adventures. Furthermore, if you’re feeling more adventurous,  and you can afford it, then stay in a boxy, red wooden Nordic house, which is covered with snow mountains.

Final Thoughts

When it’s just you and your backpack, somewhere far, far away from your home, you can live in the moment, enjoy the freedom, the vibe, nature, and do things that would seem overwhelmingly ludicrous in ‘real-life.’

But that’s what life is all about! Isn’t it!

So, don’t wait up, pack your bags and leave for experiencing the adventure of your life right away. Don’t forget to pack tactical gear.

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