Every Business HAS to Stand Out

Every business needs to stand out from the rest in every way they can if they want to succeed. We are living in highly competitive times and as a business, you need to find ways to stay afloat.

If, as a business, you need to display your products in a dazzling way, the LED lightboxes can bring your products to life when installed by certified electricians. These are very effective advertising medium available to businesses today. The regular outdoor advertising methods such as billboard advertising, bridge banners, point of sale displays, transit advertisements are all good, but not nearly as eye-catchy and effective as lightboxes.  With an everlasting choice for outdoor branding are cabinet signs with LED lighting.

 A number of varieties exist so the brands can choose the one that fits their dynamic marketing strategy. There are different backlit devices, whether you are a photographer or graphic designer looking to display photographic plates or images. Maybe a lighted display panel for advertising purposes – the ideas are endless.

The beauty about these lightboxes is that they can be floor- or wall-mounted or even hung from a ceiling – whatever maximizes the visibility.

We have all seen these LED boxes at the movies, lighting up the posters inside them. Other places where you see them a lot is on the train stations, exhibitions or trade shows or at the airport, giving off an attractive glow.

Everybody knows how important good lighting is to a jewelry store. If you have got display cabinets or cases, then LED lighting makes the gold and the diamonds look far more appealing. Diamonds have been cut to reflect light, but with LED lights, their brilliance is more evident.

Not only do these LED lights look awesome, but they also come with a host of other advantages –

 ♦ Energy Efficient

LED Recessed Light


LED lighting is energy-efficient, using less electricity than fluorescent lighting thus saving you a considerable amount of money.  This is an important factor because sometimes these lightboxes are on around the clock, displaying their wares.

 ♦ Can be Customized

These boxes come in different designs, shapes and formats. They can be custom-built to the client’s specifications. Made essentially from durable Lexan or Acrylic, they are suitable for indoors- or out. They can be slim and sleek, wall-mounted or large, billboard-type boxes.

 ♦ Large Visual Displays

Backlit lightboxes are such a good choice for large visual displays. They can be painted with graphics which are illuminated when the light is switched on. These lightboxes simply help to sell products and make retail outlets look that much more appealing.

 ♦ Visibility Sells More

If you are in retail, the lightboxes simply make your displays the best and most noticeable they can be – designed to help you sell more products. With their simplicity and being low maintenance, they are a hot trend in advertising in the 21st century.

 ♦ Robust and Safe

They are hardy and safe. The face-part is always translucent and the back and side are made of aluminum ensuring a long, safe lifespan. 

 ♦ They are Not ‘In-your-Face’ Blinding

When compared to old-style neon lights, LED lightboxes are brilliant in their brightness and color, even making themselves visible in daylight. Neon lights are best switched off during the day as they just become a confusion of blinding colors as they compete with the sun. 

 ♦ They are Versatile

These LED light boxes are known for their versatility. They can be ultra-thin, with these particular models taking up very little space. This allows for more foot-traffic space and more viewership. Not only that, they offer flashing features and color changes allowing customers to be as adventurous with their displays as they want.

 ♦ Longevity means Fewer Costs

Longevity means Fewer Costs

LED-lit signs have longevity on their side. No business these days can afford to be constantly replacing signage as it just becomes too costly. They last about 25 times longer than incandescent lights and also offer many more hours over neon lights. Their operational life expectancy is said to be up to 50,000 hours.

 ♦ Lots of Help with Design Ideas

LED lightboxes from the best printing experts allow you to have plenty of help with your design and its production. With the right experts, you get a team of specialists who assist you throughout the whole sign-making process. They have got the latest technologies so that your ideas come to fruition.

 ♦ Low Maintenance

They are low maintenance. That means less expenditure for a company who just wants them to quietly get on with the job of advertising with no hassles.

 ♦ Weather Resistant

LED lightboxes have water-resistant frames. This ensures that come hell or high water they shine brightly. Lightbox signage continues to be illuminated and on display to the public through the storm.

 ♦ They are Not Nauseating

They are flicker-free, and at an airport, for instance, this means fewer eye infections and fewer headaches. This is particularly important for the first time traveler who might already have butterflies in their stomach to contend with.

 ♦ Eco-Friendly

At a time when so many people are concerned about the planet, led lightboxes are seen as a more earth-friendly option. They do not contain toxic materials, they are recyclable and best of all, by not using incandescent bulbs, you will not produce garbage.The lower carbon footprint with less power consumption offered by these boxes encourages ‘green’ thinking companies to go for these more environmentally friendly advertising boxes. The boxes never sacrifice on output or quality. 

 ♦ A Solid Investment

Illuminated signs certainly grab the limelight from their non-illuminated counterparts. Every business in the 21st century is concerned with ways and means to achieve more sales. LED lightboxes with all their advantages are a solid investment toward brand awareness.

♦ Positive Features

LED lightboxes come with a host of positive features to ensure your business remains a beacon wherever it is situated. Some general benefits include these lightboxes being visible from both sides, they look professional, they provide advertising around the clock and they simply mark a place.

We have all told people to ‘meet me at the corner outside that place with the blue and yellow signs’. That is why it is important to get an exceptional sign that is like a beacon in the area you are in.

Choose Quality and Expertise

Amazing Efficiency, Consistent Quality With High Bay LED Lights

The quality and expertise of your LED lightbox can vary depending on who you choose to do the job for you. With a reputable sign-making company, after your signage has been brought to completion, installation is part and parcel of doing business with Front Signs.

With thousands of clients all over the world, there is no signage project these printing and sign-making experts can’t tackle. Why not put your advertising requirements into their very capable hands and see how they bring to life any project you have in mind?

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