Selecting an email host for your business is a tough decision—with so many popular email companies out there, how do you pick the right one? And the advantages of Google mail for business.

Key Advantages of Google Mail for Business

For many companies, large and small, the best choice is Google Mail Address, or Gmail. It began back in 2004 and has since expanded to become one of the most popular and secure email providers in the world.

If you’re looking for a new email host, Gmail may be just what your company needs. To learn more, keep reading to find seven key advantages of Google mail for business .

1. Large Amounts of Storage

Why use Gmail? One of the top reasons to check it out Google mail for business is for its storage space. Google offers a generous 30GB per shared user for their Basic edition or unlimited storage for the Business and Enterprise editions.

Keeping track of emails, archiving, and filing is essential to any business, so unlimited storage is a huge perk.

To keep your emails organized, it’s a good idea to create filing systems, both for yourself and for your team. If you’re just starting out and unsure how to do this, here’s how to set up folders in Gmail.

2. Compatible with Other Google Products

Anyone who is a fan of the Google brand knows how seamlessly their products integrate with one another. Similar to Apple, once you’re in the ecosystem of Google, it’s extremely easy to access each product or service.

This applies to Google mail for business as well, as Google mail users can easily use other Google products with their email, such as Hangouts, which integrates with Gmail for making video calls. They’re a great alternative to Zoom or Skype, and the platform has high sound and image quality.

You can also access Google Calendar and Download Google Drive, very handy for storing and sharing documents.

3. Email Encryption

Email security is more important than ever, both for businesses and consumers. Benefits fraud is the most common form of reported identity theft, along with credit card fraud, phone or utilities, and bank fraud. Next is employment-related fraud.

Often, this is done by hacking into emails, so one of the best ways to protect your business, staff, and customers is with encrypted email. Luckily, Gmail does this, sending encrypted emails to keep the receiver and sender safe.

If you’re not familiar with the term

Encryption means that the contents of your email are disguised when sending, so that no one can read what’s contained within except for the intended recipient.

Google uses a process called Transport Layer Security, or TLS. As long as the receiver has an email host that supports TLS (most do), then the email will be sent securely.

4. 24/7 Support

When it comes to technology, things always seem to go wrong at the most inconvenient time. Your company doesn’t stop working at 5pm on the dot, so your tech support shouldn’t either.

Google realizes this, offering 24/7 support for Google mail users on the business plan. You have access to Google’s support team, via phone or online, at any time of the day.

This provides fantastic peace of mind for business owners who rely on their email to make sales, communicate, and handle daily operations.

5. Enjoy the Ease of Shared Calendars

When working in a business setting, teams often work closely together on projects with tight deadlines. To make scheduling and communicating easy, Google has fully integrated Google Calendar into Gmail.

You can automatically add events from Gmail into your calendar, ensuring you never miss out on an important webcast or meeting. Or, it’s also just as easy to remove unwanted events.

You can also create shared calendars that all team members can access and contribute to, an easy way to see who is working on what project or when team members have scheduled annual leave.

6. It’s Intuitive and Simple

One of the benefits of Gmail is its simplicity. It’s one of the most popular email hosts in the world for good reason—it couldn’t be easier to use, and you can set up a new account in a matter of seconds.

Since so many people already use Gmail in their personal life, it makes sense for companies to adopt it as well. That way, staff are using a platform they’re already comfortable with, so the learning curve is small.

From drafting emails, sending, attaching files, and creating folders, Google has made it simple and intuitive, and users can even customize their interface to their own preferences.

7. Create Templates to Save Time

When you’re writing similar emails to customers or staff all throughout the day, it makes sense to create email templates to save time. Google makes this easy with their templates features.

You can compose and save templates in your account. When you’re ready to use one, simply click ‘Insert Template’ and select the one you want.

Once you get used to templates, you and your company will find them a huge timesaver. You can also share templates with all staff so that everyone can work with the same ones.

Use These Advantages of Google Mail to Improve Your Business

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages of Google mail for business to consider. Gmail is a fantastic email host, as businesses love its ease of use, security, and helpful features.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to Google mail for business , plans start at only a few dollars per month, per user. Your business needs a robust email platform to communicate and succeed, so make the switch today and start enjoying the benefits of Gmail.

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