From looking at the price tag to gauge quality to the snap decisions consumers make, it’s a difficult landscape to show buyers the potential your product has. Wouldn’t it be great if they could hold a free replica to get a sense of what your product is like? Trouble is, that even crafting a non-working exterior could cost you some serious money and time.

How do you address this problem?

Well, wonder no longer! With this guide on the 9 advantages of 3D printing products for your business, you’ll have a ready-made solution in no time!

But enough preamble, right? Let’s dig in!

1. Making a 3D Prototype is Fast

Making a 3D Prototype

One of the main perks of creating 3D prototypes is that it lets you crank out prototypes at speeds classic manufacturing can’t match. Rather than have to set the whole process back if you need to make a slight part change, you can program that change into the 3D printer and get an updated product in no time.

You also no longer have to put up with the hassle of contracting other companies to make your prototypes off-site, sending them endless changes, and waiting days for them to ship over to you. Now, these prototypes can get constructed in-house.

2. 3D Printing Provides Sustainability

Another bonus of 3d printing your prototypes is that it will reduce the impact your work process has on the environment. With no physical materials aside from the plastic needed to create the prototype (everything else is digital files), you can rest assured your company is throwing less waste out into the world.

3. Try Before You Buy

Let’s face it, what customer wouldn’t love the chance to try a product before they buy it? Of course, without 3D printing, this means you’re either commissioning expensive prototypes from elsewhere or devoting a lot of company manpower to making demo products.

3D printing removes these limits and makes getting prototypes to customers easier.

4. 3D Printing Doesn’t Break the Bank

3D Printing

Is your company stuck on a tight budget? Switching over to 3D printing for your prototypes (after the upfront cost of acquiring the 3D printer and plastic to print with) is a much more budget-friendly way to crank these out.

Of course, if you’re having difficulty acquiring a 3D printer or it’s out of your price range, you can always have a 3D printing company do the manufacturing for you.

5. Poses Less Risk

One of the downsides of industrial production is that the heavy machinery and delicate procedures can pose a threat to the welfare of your workers. 3D printing is much safer and helps keep your workforce thriving.

6. Beat Out the Competition

For those aiming to get prototypes out to market before the competition, 3D printing is the way to go. With fast turnaround times on a less hefty budget, you’ll leave your rivals in the dust while wowing buyers.

7. Customizable Part Features

Because each part of 3D-printed prototypes comes from a digital file, this makes edits quick and inexpensive. So, if you find you need to update your prototype to make it more powerful, all you need to do is pop out a new piece after some quick changes and slot it in.

You can also customize the material you use in the printer, opting for plastic or metal with resistance to the elements or increased durability.

8. Allows for More Rigorous Product Testing

When you have a prototype that’s so easy to duplicate, this no longer means you feel like you have to treat it with kid gloves to make sure the money and time didn’t go to waste. Instead, you can put it through rigorous testing to ensure the product can handle all sorts of various scenarios.

3D Printing Options

9. Improved Consistency and Integrity

Finally, 3D printing allows you detailed control over every step of the assembly process. This allows you to make sure no part gets rushed within the printer and create prototypes with uniform levels of quality.

Add 3D Printing Products to Your Business Strategies Today

What are you still here for? Now that you know all the perks of adding 3D printing products and prototypes to your business, get out there and do it.

Oh, you’re still looking for more tips on how to use the latest tech to boost your business. In that case, make sure to check out the rest of the articles on our blog!

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