Today everyone wants to be a celebrity in the world of social media, but due to the high competition very few are able to make it. Aditi Oberoi Malhotra is the biggest Indian American influencer and social media entrepreneur. She is a social media star, a girl from India who came to the US and conquered all her dreams. Not only she is doing well for herself as an entrepreneur and a mom, but she is also a great example for many young girls from diverse backgrounds. You can make your dream a reality with hard work and perseverance.

social media entrepreneur

Aditi’s Journey in Fashion World as a Social Media Star!

Aditi’s blogging career began in 2015. Since launching, her global fanbase has surpassed over 1 million on Instagram alone she over 650k followers. On her blog, she talks about everything from fashion, beauty, interiors, travel & lifestyle. Soon after she started blogging she realized that there’s a lack of representation of Indian Americans in luxury fashion & beauty when it comes to blogging. Today, she’s a role model for other women and through her fashion & beauty tips, she helps them to be unafraid of accepting themselves the way they are. “Diversity is beautiful and what makes you more beautiful is your uniqueness.” By being a positive influence on the world, she hopes to encourage others to do the same. She gets the most fulfillment in her life that way.

She is working with top luxury brands in fashion & beauty and supports diversity and inclusivity. She is doing a great job of putting Indians on the map in the US where stereotypical belief still exists. On her blog and Instagram, Aditi creates content for luxury clothing brands, beauty brands, and lifestyle companies. She has worked with the likes of Dior, LV, Givenchy, Nordstrom etc to name a few.  

social media entrepreneur

The advice she shared for people who are aspiring to become fashion bloggers “Follow your dreams! Failures and disappointments are going to happen occasionally, no matter who you are and what industry you’re working in. Sometimes these will be your fault, and sometimes they won’t. The best part is to learn from it and move on. Instead of focusing on the number of things you can do this minute, try thinking about the quality of what you’re doing and learning in the moment. Quality over quantity is very important for becoming successful in whatever you do.

Elevated, chic with an edge is how she would like to define her style and I couldn’t agree more with her. “Confidence is the most stylish thing you can wear. Style for me is ‘Wear whatever but make sure you own it. I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been investing more in classic, simple pieces that I can wear and cherish for life but yes I do go for unique pieces too every now and then.”

Along with her own success as an entrepreneur, empowering women all over the world is what drives her to continue to work hard and not take even a single day for granted.

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