An Instagram or IG profile can easily serve as extremely useful aspect of cultivating the proper audience. You can use this platform for showing the products and also for building interest in this brand. It can also help in making the content stand out from crowd. By embedding and adding IG content on WordPress, you can always increase the exposure and even some potential conversions.

It can also offer an easy way for the followers to just interact with you on both the stated platforms. It can be streamlining the process right up on your end. There are various proven ways in which you can actually add IG to WP. These options will include manual methods and also working with some of the famous WordPress plugin. For some details in this regard, you can always head towards and get some ideas on that as well. In the end, the result will definitely act its way out for your use.

Ways you can add IG to WP:

There are some fortunate ways in which you can eventually add Instagram to WordPress. At first, you need to create an outline of a simple yet popular method. You can take a look at the available steps first before addressing the use.

Get to add IG widget to the WP:

In short or layman’s term, widgets are always considered as modular elements, which can help you in adding particular feature like search bar or newsletter signup form, right to the WP website. They can also be added to various areas of the website. Among all the areas available in an online site, footers and sidebars are often considered to be the most common ones.

  • With the help of Instagram widget, you can easily add the live IG feed right to the website. It can well be displayed on all the pages. You might even set it only to just appear on certain ones.
  • For adding any IG widget, it is mostly recommended to use plugin like Instagram Feed WD. This plugin helps in including own IG widget feature. Under the Pro version, you will receive conditional filters, video and filmstrip, customized themes, blog style and masonry layouts. It further comprises of Lightbox effects and comments.
  • Once you have installed and even activated on the website, you can easily visit Instagram feed WD and then to Settings, available within the WordPress. Now, it is time to log into and then connect with the present IG account.
  • For the next step, you have to navigate to Appearances and then click on Widgets. After that, you have to scroll until you find the Instagram Widget section. Click on it, and then you can drag it over to sidebar on right.

You have every right to just adjust the feed’s current location by just moving other widgets around if you want. It provides you with simple and quick way to customize how the footers and sidebars might appear.

Ways to embed IG photos on the WP platform:

There are mainly two ways in which you can embed IG photos on WO posts and pages manually. At first, you have to head towards IG and then login to account. After that, you can find image that you plan to embed and then open it in new tab. For that, you have to click on the timestamp, which will indicate the time as how long it has been posted.

  • On the best ever page, you can select URL from address bar right on the browser and further copy it. For embedding photo on the WP website, you need to navigate through the posts or pages on dashboard. After that, make sure to select page or even post that you want to add the photo to.
  • Right from that part, you need to past the URL into desired location within the current WP editor and you can see the image appearing automatically.
  • Similarly, you can further use the Embed Code. Back in this field of Instagram and at chosen image, you have to click on the ellipsis icon, which is located next to a section called “Add a comment.”
  • Now, you have to choose “Embed” and then copy the chosen code as provided. If you want, you can even remove the caption from embed if you might like by just unchecking relevant box.
  • For the final stage, just return to the WP post or page. However, make sure to select “Text Editor” before you can past the code on where you might like it.

Using this approach namely “Embed Code” might take a bit of extra time when compared to the widget method for sure, but it is always a clever choice for those who have some coding experience to go with it. It has the potentiality to be more flexible than others.

Ways to embed Instagram videos on WordPress:

Similar to the idea of image embedding, there are mainly two ways in which you cam embed videos, as well. The first one is easy method and it will require just the IG post URL.

  • For that, you have to find the video to embed from IG. Then you need to click the timestamp at bottom for opening it in new tab.  After that, just copy URL from address bar and then paste it into WP editor. The video will get to appear literally automatically.
  • You can embed video using the Embed Code on Instagram, which is generated solely for each post. Just like with the images, you can click on ellipsis icon, which is next to “Add a comment section.” Then you have to select the “Embed” option and finally copy and paste code into WP Text Editor.

If you are well-aware of HTML, you can tweak few of video based embedded attributes as well. You can set video to start at specified time, or just adjust the height and width of post for fitting the website.

It is simple to follow these points, once you are aware of the steps. For any further help, log online and collect information from reputed sources now.

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