Car Insurance belongs to the category of general insurance which does not come under the scope of life insurance. It should be noted that all jurisdictions do not have the same internal guidelines and laws for insurance companies, so it is vital to consult your agent to know the laws that apply to you. The best time to consult your insurance provider is before you get your driving license or permit.

When you need to add someone to your car insurance

First, note that it is important to add an individual to your car insurance contract if they live with you, have access to your vehicle, or possess a driver’s license. This may include your girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse, and any of your children as long as they have reached the driving age. Also, you may decide to include your children’s age mate depending on your relationship with them, whether they have access to your car. Some insurance companies require you to include anyone who stays with you but not in any way related to you, for example, your roommate. Nevertheless, if this isn’t required by your insurance company, ensure that you add your roommate anyway even if they borrow your vehicle at any occasional period. In case your roommate had an accident when driving your car, it will help the insurance company to cover the damage as long as you have already done the needful. This tends to prevent paying for any avoidable costs.

How to add a driver to your insurance policy

The majority of the insurers entail adding a driver to your insurance contract by simply calling your insurance provider or agent; this can also be done online. You might need the information stated below to add your driver, although this may vary by insurer. The details are; Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Occupation, Social Security Number, Any recent accidents or traffic tickets, how long they have obtained their license, etc. If you will be adding a driver to this policy permanently, for instance, if your child just obtained his/her driver’s license, we suggest that you search for a new policy because you may find a better offer at another company.

The cost of adding a driver to your car insurance

The addition of a driver to your vehicle insurance policy will certainly affect your rates. Nevertheless, this doesn’t apply to all cases. We discovered that depending on who the major and secondary drivers are; the inclusion of another driver can help reduce the cost of your car insurance significantly. This is because the rates are set by the insurers based on the overall possibility that a car will be involved in an accident. For instance, teens will certainly get into vehicle accidents and are given the highest rates compared to a 50-year old individual.

Who to temporarily add to your car insurance

If you have a guest, babysitter, or any individual who will be staying with you and will be driving your vehicle for a long period, it is advisable to add them to your vehicle insurance policy for that period. But it all depends on the specific relationship you have with them, the requirements stipulated by your insurance company’s policies, and the length of time you will be using your vehicle. For instance, if you employ a babysitter for a one-day job and give them your car, then there shouldn’t be any reason to add them; but if you hire them on a long-term basis and the same condition applies, it is advisable to add them to your insurance policy.

Adding a teen driver to your automobile insurance policy

It takes effort and dedicated time for teens to learn driving safely. But any parents adding a teen are expected to get some level of education themselves. It is, however, important to know the steps on how to add a teen as well as the factors which will impact the price.

How to get a good deal for your teen driver

Everyone loves to get a good deal. No one is exempted from this. Therefore, endeavor to let your kid be aware that earning good grades will enable them to meet up with the financial deals included in the insurance contracts. Also, other discounts may apply such as low mileage, registering for a program to observe your teen’s driving. So, ensure that you consult your agent and explore all the details and possibilities.


It is important to add anyone who has access to your car or live with you; if you don’t take action, there is a high chance that you will be denied coverage if your car eventually gets involved in accident or crash. Also, endeavor to peruse the requirements of your insurance company before sealing a deal.

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