Marketing campaign on social media is a cutthroat business, and marketers need to keep trying creative methods to catch the attention of their target audiences and connect with them. With the younger generation becoming increasingly averse to conventional advertising and pushy sales techniques, brands have their work cut out to get through to them and engage them to promote their brands subliminally.

With their irreverent take on topical subjects of interest, memes are the perfect method of reaching out to bored and often fickle audiences. The combination of a simple visual and a sassy caption stands out even in crowded social media feeds, is easy to understand at a glance, and projects the brand personality well. Some of the best ways of crafting memes marketing campaigns that connect well and have the potential of going viral:

Marketing Campaign: Be Clever and Witty

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Social media audiences are impatient, bored, and have a short attention span, which makes them difficult to engage. If you want your meme marketing to succeed, you must be razor sharp in spotting trending opportunities for everyone to have a good laugh. While many other people will perhaps also be doing the same thing, you should try to be as witty or sarcastic as you can so that your memes stand out even in the clutter. Timing of the meme is of paramount importance, according to a GrowCurv report.

Donโ€™t Forget to Entertain

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The number one requirement of online audiences, especially those using social media, is entertainment. It is because of their ability to make people laugh that memes have become popular. When you create a meme based on a trending topic, it can be easy to forget the need to entertain and project how serious or concerned you are about something. However, your target audiences are looking to memes to put a smile on their faces, so you must also make it your priority. The secret of using humor that people will genuinely identify with is ensuring that the memes are relevant to your customers. If your audience does not get the joke, you will have wasted your time and effort, cautions a Meme Scout designer.

Be Original

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If you want your customers to notice, engage with, and share your memes, you will need to be original and innovative in their design. While the actual design part of it is not complicated, thanks to the many online tools available, the real trick is to identify trending topics that you can spoof to entertain and engage your customers. While it is acceptable to be inspired by other peopleโ€™s memes, you should never copy them. The lack of originality reflects badly on your brand. By sharing memes generated by your social media followers, you can publish original content.


Memes marketing campaigns are all about using trends to connect with younger audiences. To be successful, you will need to understand what makes your audience tick. Using pop culture can be very effective in reaching out to them end masse; however, you must appreciate its nuances to ensure your audience finds them relevant and can connect to them.

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