Acne on temples or acne on the hairline is a common inflammatory skin condition for many people. It could be caused by wearing helmets or any headwear as they trap sweat close to your skin. And causes irritation to your skin and causes of acne.

Moreover, hair products that include oil are another reason for acne in the temples. If you are worried about pimples on temples, then read this guide. I share the temple acne causes and solutions.

Acne On Temples – Causes & Solutions

Acne On Temples

Knowing the reasons for acne on temples can help you get rid of this situation. There are several reasons for acne on temples. You may have severe acne problems, or you have it occasionally during your period or due to a lack of sleep or stress. Here are some common causes –

Temple Acne Causes

  • Hormone Level Changes
  • Sweating
  • Genetics
  • MakeUp
  • Certain Medications
  • Skincare products

Skin Irritants

If something comes into contact with your hairline or temples on a regular basis, it causes acne on your hairline. And for sensitive skin, this irritation causes unpleasant acne on the temples.

Hair Care Products

Your hair care products could be the culprit for acne on the temples. And if you are suffering from temple acne, this is known as acne cosmetic. This form of acne eruption is typical near your hairline. If the cause is cosmetics, the acne is like papules. And you may have rashes on your skin or may feel rough.

Head Wear

If you frequently wear hats, scarves, or hoodies, the fabric may irritate your skin and create acne on your temples. In addition to the material, the fabric can include irritants such as colors, chemicals, soap residue, grime, and sweat.

Headphones, VR goggles, spectacles, or anything else that rests against your temples can also irritate your skin. You may have discovered the source of your acne coincides with your favorite hat or VR goggles.

Sweat And Hygiene

person sweating

Sweat could create acne on your temples if you work out frequently, especially if you use a sweatband or helmet for a sport. To avoid breakouts, clean and moisturize your skin immediately after exercises or practices, and wash any equipment you wear.

This advice applies even if you sweat without exercising, such as on a hot day. But be careful not to overdo it. Excessive washing of the face might cause excessive dryness and worsen acne.

Hormonal Change

Both adults and teens may have hormonal changes that lead to acne. Hormonal changes in teenagers frequently cause acne. Many teenagers grow acne on the face, at the same time, on the temples and other places on the body.

Adult hormonal acne is distinct. It is more closely related to oily skin lubricants or sebum. The hormone level changes can cause sebum production, resulting in outbreaks. Women are more likely to have hormonal acne than men, particularly during hormonal shifts.

How To Treat Acne On Your Temples

Fortunately, you can treat acne easily and don’t need to live with it. There are a few ways you can treat acne. When you know the temple acne causes, it will be easier for you to treat pimples on temples. Here are some tips for you –

Use Clean Headwear

person wearing headband

If you wear headbands, scarves, hats, or other headwear, make sure to clean them properly. If you use dirty headwear, it can cause bacteria to the temple area, and you will have acne breakouts. Hence, ensure your headwears are clean; wash your head if possible after removing your headwear. This will reduce the chances of acne growth.

Check Out The Head Products

Before using a head product, ensure to check out the ingredients it is made of. That’s because certain ingredients can worsen acne. For instance – oils, petrolatum, acrylates, Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, panthenol, PVP/DMAPA, quaternion-70, etc.

Wash Your Pillowcase

Usually, people only wash the pillowcases occasionally. As a result, the pillowcase becomes the breeding ground for bacteria that leads to acne on the temples. Thus, maintain a cleaning routine to avoid growing bacteria. Try to wash the pillowcase once a week.

Use Salicylic Acid

person using serum on her face

Try using an acne cream with Salicylic Acid if you’ve tried everything, but something needs to work out. Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid that weakens the “cellular glue,” and it’s an effective way to treat acne in temples.

Final Thought

Acne on temples is slightly tough to eliminate. Apart from genetic and hormonal reasons, there are other causes of acne on the temples. Hence, try to figure out the reason to treat it properly. Remember, consistency is the key when it comes to pimples on temples. Thus make a skincare routine to treat acne on temples so that you get clear skin.

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