You can create a thousand different outfits with a few basic clothing items, so long as you have the right accessory. You can dress up last year’s jeans or your mom’s old coat with any of these trendy items, and you will look like you just walked off of the runway in Paris.

1. Bucket Hats

From the New York housewives to Kylie Jenner and Billie Eilish, lots of celebs are wearing the bucket hat this summer.

It certainly is practical for shielding your face from UV rays, and it has a geeky quality that makes it extra cute.

Throw one on with your bathing suit or a sundress and a pair of flip flops and you are ready to go.

2. Square-Toed Shoes

Last winter’s clunky boots have evolved in the warmer weather into square-toed sandals. They pair that distinctive square-toed style with delicate feminine straps around the feet and ankles, making them a real study in dichotomies.

Wear with casual slacks or a long skirt and let their funky style peek out for a real fashion pop.

Gals with slightly wider feet will appreciate the extra room to let their tootsies breathe.

3. Bucket Bags

Buckets are now not just chic for your heads but as bags too! One designer sent models down the runway with actual buckets as hats and purses.

A bucket bag will certainly catch people’s eyes. It is also practical and can hold most of the stuff you will need for a night out and even an overnight date.

One of these in neon will be sure to make a bold fashion statement!

4. Statement Necklaces

Speaking of making a statement, another accessory trend right now is big signature necklaces. We’re seeing lots of chunky chains around necks, in choker and long swinging styles.

You might also want to make a political statement with your jewelry this season. These marijuana necklaces are a fun way to express your support for legalization, plus they are an ironic throwback to the seventies as well.

You can also wear pendants that illustrate your support for Black Lives Matter and other movements.

5. Wide Belts

Cinch your waist with a really wide leather belt. This can give a dress or jeans a whole new look.

Some are so wide they resemble corsets more than actual belts. They may even have lacing too, for an extra sexy wink at their resemblance to lingerie.

A wide belt will draw attention away from your hips and thighs and towards your midsection. It can give you a classic silhouette shape, and bring a sense of pizzazz to even a classic T-shirt dress or plain peasant-style skirt.

6. Colorful Shades

Sunglasses are a must-have for summer, and the style this year is for frames that really pop.

Some styles are wide and shield-like. Others assume odd shapes like unusual pieces of artwork.

Frames come in eye-popping pinks and greens, bold reds, and sparkly metallics. They may match or contrast with colorful lenses.

7. Platforms

Kork-Ease shoes were popular over forty years ago, and they are back! As we said, the seventies are “in” right now. These shoes are super comfy but also cute, with their chunky block heels.

Lots of designers are offering their classics in platform versions, like Teva and Vans. These combine comfort with street style. They look equally cool with shorts and a T-shirt during the day as they do with a fun mini while out clubbing for the night.

8. Padded Headbands

Ok, here’s one we did not expect: padded headbands? Maybe it is a remark on the resurgence of preppiness? Maybe it is a comfortable take on what mom made us wear in third grade? All we know is that Prada is offering them, so they must be hot.

These headbands come in a lot of colors and materials, from bandana print to velvet. You can also get them bedazzled. Sometimes they are so puffy they look more like a crown.

If you are growing out bangs, at least there is a cute way to get you through that awkward stage.

9. Ankle Socks

Maybe the world is so scary we’re all regressing. That’s the only reason why another third-grade style is suddenly everywhere. Yes- ankle socks are being worn with everything and everywhere.

Now, it certainly is a relief to not have to bring bandaids everywhere when our heels get blisters from stiletto straps like they did a few years ago. Who doesn’t prefer to break in a new pair of shoes with a fluffy pair of bobbysoxers?

While we used to hide our old socks and wear them only to the gym or at night to get some ice cream out of the freezer, now people are wearing them all over! Fashion mags are showing them with everything from skinny jeans to flowing skirts.

One model was spied wearing them under a long sequin shift. Really!

10. Face Masks

Sadly, no one can escape the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you can’t beat em, join em!

Face masks have become the newest fashion accessory. If you have to wear them, at least they can look cool.

Of course, you can go the goofy route, with fake smiles and other adornments. Or you can spend a pretty penny for a Swarovski version suitable for the fanciest party…if anyone is throwing one. We can hope, can’t we?

Now, we still need to pay attention to health guidelines, so the most important aspect of a cool mask is actually wearing one. But if you want to choose a fun style or material, there’s no harm in making the best of a bad situation!

What Accessory Shall You Wear Today?

Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe this season, why not pick up a cool accessory or two (or five) to liven up last year’s look? From a fun hat to an eye-catching necklace, stylish accessories are the best way to jazz up all your basic clothes and really stand out from the crowd.

For more tips on fun, fashion, and finance, keep checking back.

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