The oral system is vital in the body, so oral health care is important. Its connection with general health is an uncanny but solid one. It is no news that poor oral health can affect your confidence and social presence, but do you know that it can also lead to severe health conditions? According to Lawrence Goodman, DMD, an oral infection, can significantly affect your heart’s function and cause severe health issues. Hence, it becomes even more critical that you take good care of your oral system and seek expert dental attention from time to time.

However, many people still struggle to get access to quality oral health care in the United States, and this has proven to be quite a challenge for most. This may come as a surprise, considering the many quality oral health centers available around the country. But it is strangely the case in some small towns and other residential areas.

Thankfully, this article will highlight some common restrictions to adequate oral health care and possible solutions to these problems. So, perhaps you are having issues with accessing adequate oral health care. In that case, you should read this article to the end for the essential tips you will learn.

Importance Of Caring For Your Oral Health

How Does Your Oral Health Effect Your Overall Health

The benefits of maintaining a healthy oral system are pretty numerous, signifying the need to care appropriately for your oral health. If you still wonder how important it is to care for your oral health, here are a few pointers.

  • Excellent oral health improves self-confidence significantly
  • It helps to prevent all forms of oral infections and diseases.
  • It also helps improve your speech and make you sound better
  • It helps you prevent toothaches and other forms of pain that accompany poor oral health.

Oral Health Care Options In The United States

As one of the most advanced countries, the United States has several oral health care options available to its citizens. These options can be accessed through oral clinics and hospitals, which are divided into two groups; public health care organizations and the private practice model.

  1. Public Health Care Organizations: These are organizations owned, sponsored, and operated by the government to provide health care services to the citizens. It is either state or federally owned, and it often provides these services at a free or subsidized rate to patients.
  2. Private Practitioners: Private dental clinics are clinics owned and operated by individuals, and it is popular in dome parts of the country. However, they must be licensed and cleared before they can operate privately. But they are a valid oral health care option, and they are often well equipped to provide good quality oral health care to patients.

Restrictions To Good Oral Health Care Services

common dental procedures

Regardless of the multiple oral health care options available in the country, some individuals still struggle with factors restricting them from getting good oral health care services. These factors include;

  • Unavailability of quality oral health care centers in a particular place can be a stumbling block between the people in that location and good oral care services.
  • Distance can also play a part in restricting people from getting good oral care if the available dental clinic in a place is not located centrally for easy access.
  • People with fewer finances may not be able to pay for quality oral health care if the prices are too high.

How To Improve Access To Good Oral Health Care

Deep Dental Cleaning

While a few factors limiting access to good oral health care are quite out of hand, others can be easily remedied with the right approach. Here are some ways to improve access to good oral health.

  • Building more standard oral clinics in states and regions with substandard or no oral clinics will go a long way to help the area residents get quality oral health care.
  • Creating awareness of how important it is to visit dentists for expert oral checkups.
  • Subsidizing the cost of treatment will help make it affordable for people with low incomes.
  • Proper orientation for the oral health care workers can also help reduce discrimination and favoritism in hospitals and oral clinics.


Lack of access to oral health care costs many people, despite the availability of quality oral health care centers across the country. Luckily, most factors limiting access to quality oral health care are resolvable. Some ways to remedy this situation and increase access to good dentists have been highlighted in this article.

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