How much do you spend cooling your home every month? The EIA reports the average residential electricity bill in Florida is around $129 a month.

A newer energy-efficient home may have lower cooling costs, while an older, draftier home may have costs that are excessive. Cut costs by following these tips from an AC repair expert.

1. Keep Your AC System Maintained and in Good Repair

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Maintaining your central air system is essential to lowering your AC bills. Dirty coils will have a harder time releasing the warmer air outside and the cooler air inside.

Hire an expert AC technician to inspect your system. A free AC system evaluation points out any issues your system is experiencing and lets you know if it’s time to have your system cleaned or if your ducts are leaking and driving up your energy bills.

2. Stay Cooler By Making a Few Changes Inside and Outside Your Home

You can make a few changes inside the home to lower your cooling costs. Honeycomb window shades add a layer of insulation to keep the sun’s heat out. Room darkening insulated curtains are another option.

Avoid dark paint colors in rooms that get a lot of sun. Dark colors absorb the sun and release that heat into the room.

Head outside and look at the landscaping. Add some trees on the borders of your property and create shade. A shadier home costs less to cool.

3. Upgrade Older AC Systems

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Central AC systems may not last as long as you’d imagine. It’s unlikely, especially with the excessive use a system gets in the summer, that your system will last beyond 20 years.

If you have an older AC system, it’s time to consider an upgrade. You’ll save a lot of money switching your 20-year-old central AC to a modern, energy-efficient model. Take advantage of tax incentives and rebates to save money on a new AC system.

4. Limit Appliance Use on Hot Days

When it’s hot outside, avoid cooking inside. Stick to your grill or have sandwich and salad fixings on hand to avoid having to cook a meal.

Running an oven can increase the temperature in your home by several degrees. If you need to use your oven, keep the temperature low.

Switch to a slow cooker if possible. You could even move that slow cooker outside to a patio to reduce heat transfer.

5. Take Advantage of Warranty Coverage

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What does your current AC system’s warranty cover? If it’s an older system, you may not have warranty coverage left.

Warranty coverage varies, but you may find that there’s a five-year limited warranty on parts like the compressor, condenser, and coils. Heat exchangers may offer up to 10 or 15 years of warranty coverage. It all depends on the make and model.

Take advantage of extended warranties. If your AC repair company offers extended labor warranties with unlimited repairs on newly installed systems, you can save a lot of money over a 10-year span. Imagine how much you’d save when most of your out-of-pocket repair costs are covered for a full decade!

Tips for Choosing the Best AC Repair Expert

Now that you know the best ways to lower your annual cooling costs, it’s time to find the best AC repair expert. Look for a company that has been in business for decades, continually upgrades its technician’s training, and offers an extended labor warranty.

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