Asia Pulp and Paper is one of the largest industrial corporations in Indonesia. The company has been in operation for decades, and it has been on a fast growth track ever since. The company is dedicated to producing paper, tissue, and packaging to meet the global market demand, especially the high-quality papers for printing.

Asia Pulp and Paper (AP&P) has been nationally registered and licensed. The company is based in Jakarta, and it engages in pulp, paper, and tissue production and sales as well as the packaging of foodstuff. Its products are consumed in over 150 countries across the six continents.

What They Do

Asia pulp and paper

AP&P dominates the global forest product industry with many employees worldwide and different pulp mills across Asia. According to the sustainability dashboard (, they operate plantations of eucalyptus, acacia, and other tree varieties in eleven countries around the world. Apart from their production and sales activities, they also engage in environmental conservation and social services.

The great achievements of this company are guided by its vision for the future. The company strives to be a world-class supplier of pulp, paper, tissue, and packaging products. AP&P also aims to increase the volume and improve the quality of their product by improving technology.

The founders and shareholders of this company are experienced businessmen with a great track record. They are also committed to supporting the research and development of new products that meet customer needs.

The integrity of their supply chain is highly important to the company. The company ensures that its supply chain is highly efficient, reliable, and secure. They adhere to the principles of sustainable development and respect the environment.

The Structure

The Structure

The structure of AP&P is that they have several divisions that are based on its area of business as well as its location in the world.

AP&P has three main Divisions: Forest Products, Power Generation, and other operations listed below:

Forest Products Division – handles Eucalyptus plantations. They also produce pulp, tissue, and coating paper.

Power Generation Division – has 3 areas: Power Packaging, Oil and Gas, and Papermaking

Papermaking Division – handles the AP&P’s papermaking operations in Indonesia.

Other Operations – contains the company’s non-forest product diversion facilities.

Vision And Values

Vision and Values are very important to the company. AP&P vision is to be the world’s leading pulp and paper group in the future. They also have values that are common for all employees such as people first, integrity, integrity, and hard work.

Mission Statement

Asia pulp and paper

AP&P’s mission statement explains its purpose. Its purpose is to grow in sustainability, expand processing activities and fulfill the needs of customers worldwide by advancing quality through innovation and excellence.


Asia Pulp and Paper is a company that has been around for a long time. They have been a pioneer in the development of Indonesia’s forest industry, and have also set in place very innovative practices to ensure that their long-term success continues. This can be seen by their commitment to environmentally friendly processes and systems, as well as the impressive way that they care for their employees and local communities.

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