The National Right to Life Committee announced this week that this year’s convention will be in Jacksonville, Fla. The committee’s “Bringing America Back to Life” convention will be hosted by Florida Right to Life.

The event is set to have over 70 workshops — including one focused solely on Planned Parenthood. Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson is featured as a speaker for the part of the convention titled “Planned Parenthood: The Hyper-Political, Under-Regulated, Out-of-Control Mega-Marketer of Abortion.”

Johnson has recently become a star in the anti-abortion movement for leaving her job as a director of Planned Parenthood in Texas. She now travels the country speaking out against the organization on behalf of crisis pregnancy centers. She claims to have decided to leave her job after viewing a sonogram of an abortion. Texas Monthly combed through her story and found that their investigation contradicts some of Johnson’s claims. She was also recently featured in a webcast where she told her story and urged viewers to give money to CPCs for sonogram equipment.

According to the convention website, three presidential candidates have confirmed they are speaking during the 2012 Presidential Candidate Forum. Listed on the site are Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum. Cain has been linked to a movement that falsely claims Planned Parenthood was initially created to “kill black babies before they came into the world.”

Rick Santorum also has radical anti-abortion views. It was recently reported by ThinkProgress that Santorum called exceptions for abortion restrictions in order to protect the life and health of the mother “phony.”

The convention will be held June 23-25, at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront.

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