More than 19 million Americans spent at least 50% of their income on housing-related costs in the last five years.

While most homeowners do not incur renting costs, the cost of repairs can often be burdensome. Basements are among the spaces in your house that may require recurrent maintenance owing to the susceptibility to moldy crawl spaces.

Is there a solution to your damp, dirty, and moldy crawl space? Well, the answer is in crawl space encapsulation.

Let’s take a look at the top tips and tricks for finding a reliable crawl space encapsulation service in your area.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl Space Maintenance

Most, if not all, home designs deliberately create a small area under the flow of the house or on the roof. The gap is a crawl space that allows easy access to wiring or plumbing. Such spaces also ensure air circulation and support other installation needs.

But crawl spaces also attract pesky mold and moisture, which may eat into your home’s foundation. Crawl space encapsulation is a technique that seeks to remedy this concern. The method involves the introduction of a 12 to 20 ml vapor barrier that ensures 100% flow coverage around the crawl space.

During the process, your crawl space is fitted with an insulating moisture barrier, which is sealed within the walls. The procedure then proceeds to seal the crawl space ventilation, including all space access points. Finally, your crawl space enclosure is humidified, leaving the place dry and clean.

Find The Best Crawl Space Encapsulation Service

There are various ways on how to find a reliable crawl space encapsulation service provider. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Check Online

In the age of the internet, finding a wide range of service providers is no longer complicated. You only need to use the keywords crawl space encapsulation, and a variety of options near you will pop up. However, not all these providers are reliably trained to handle all your encapsulation needs.

You may need to search through their website to get a glimpse of the services they offer. While the crawl space may seem like a small area in your house, any slight mistake may prove costly to your home’s foundation in the long term. Even when you search online, ensure that you focus on highly competent experts based on their track record.

2. Referrals

One of the easiest ways of finding a reliable crawl space encapsulation provider is by asking around for reviews. Most of your neighbors and friends must have had the same concern at some point. You may benefit from the word of mouth on their experience. Considering this option ensures that you access critical information that would be useful in guiding your decision.

Reviews act as an indicator of the actual ability to ensure complete insulation of the crawl space. Once you can get such referrals, it is also easy for you to ask questions about possible past disappointments while dealing with specific service providers.

3. Compare The Services Provided in The Market

Online Retail Business

There is more to the process of crawl space encapsulation than most companies would make you think. You may need to ask hard questions to ensure that your provider will provide 100% ground coverage of the floor with a heavy-duty liner. Most of the options available do not focus on this critical part of the crawl encapsulation process.

You must also ensure that the services provided encompass dehumidification when sealing the crawl space openings. This is a critical phase because it prevents the weakening of your foundation. You must certify that the dehumidification process is conclusive to reduce the risk of mold and fungus growing back once the project is complete.

Comparing the services offered by the providers would ensure that you are sure of getting sufficient ventilation for your covers and doors. You may need a professional to seal all the possible air gaps in the foundation.

4. Compare The Underlying Market Pricing 

As noted earlier, the cost of housing can be extremely high, especially when you need to undertake recurrent renovations. Finding a reliable crawl space encapsulation service may often require an additional cost implication on your end. You may need to compare the prices of all the service providers before deciding on the best deal.

Working with a reliable provider gives you a wide range of dependable financing options. If you would want to access crawl space encapsulation financing, then you have a few options you can consider. A reliable crawl space repairer will ensure that you get value for your money at rather affordable rates.

5. Visit a Local Hardware

One of the easiest ways to find a crawl space repair service is heading to the hardware shops. Most handymen buy their materials from these hardware shops, which gives them an edge when it comes to information. You may end up getting dependable reviews on some of the local servicemen with the capacity to deliver.

Nevertheless, this option has restrictions due to the possibility of limited technical and professional capacity. Most local handymen understand the basics of crawl space encapsulation but cannot deliver because of inadequate resources and knowledge. This may expose them to crawl space injuries due to the lack of desired expertise.

6. Angie’s List

Most people in the United States trust this source due to the capacity it has to connect clients with the desired services. The members’ only website offers a platform where most of the services and reviews are listed. The intention is to provide an impression of the available offerings and the specific evaluation from repeat customers.

The list labels these experts as certified pros, which makes your search for professional crawl space services easy. If you’re looking for reviews, then Angie’s List can offer you reliable information on crawl space repairs near you.

You Need to Protect Your Foundation

Foundation Issues

Your home’s basement and the foundation are at risk as long as your crawl space has leaks or mold. With the crawl space encapsulation procedure, you no longer have to feel concerned about the odor, the fungus, or the rotting wooden fittings in the basement.

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