Technology simplifies any task, increased security level from many industries, improved communication, and paved the way for countless innovations in different fields. It is no wonder that it reaches the real estate industry and upgrades a lot of residential houses to adapt and learn more about technology innovation.

Technology advancement is not a new story in real estate. Many parts of the house are technology-inclined and even garage doors received a lot of technological innovation.Β  As such, it’s not surprising that there are already many garage door innovations in the market today.

Let us look at all of these innovations and see what advantages they can offer to every homeowner.

Best Garage Doors Technology Innovations

There have been many garage door technology innovations throughout the years, but here are the best innovations that made a significant contribution to many homeowners.

Remote Accessed Garage Doors

Garage doors have always been made of wood, but wood as a material is highly susceptible to many potential damages, such as weather changes and termites. And before wooden garage doors are usually manually operated, which is a little burden for any car owners.

Fortunately, technology came up with pretty good alternatives. Now, garage doors are made of galvanized steel. With a little touch of technology, it can now be accessed and controlled by a remote.

This is by far the best garage door innovation that garnered many positive reviews by many homeowners. It immediately solves the problem of many car owners, especially in driving their car in and out of a garage. It removes the hassle of manually rolling up and down the garage, and it also increases the security level.

The Rolling Code and Triband Technology

As technology progresses, more invention occurs, and one of them is the Rolling Code and Triband Technology.

The Rolling Code technology is an innovation wherein a garage door remote control generates a new code every time it is in use. This innovation is made to prevent burglar attacks as the constant changing of the codes prevents any burglars from knowing the current code. The Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 has this kind of technology.Β  If you are interested in getting this type of technology in your home, the Doors Direct – Garage Doors SpecialistsΒ can assist you.

On the other hand, is Triband technology. The primary factor in this tech is the distance coverage of its remote. Usually, a basic garage door remote operates within 50-100 feet in clear sight. However, Triband technology allows you to cover up to 1500 feet distance.

Smartphone App Activated Garage Doors

Another garage door innovation is the link between a smartphone to your garage door. Yes, remote controls offer the same benefits. The only difference is remote controls tend to be misplaced, but a smartphone never does. We always have our phones in our pocket, and it is uncommon to have it misplaced or lost, which is why this innovation sweeps every homeowner off their feet.

Aside from basic open and close operations through a smartphone app, this innovation also allows you to monitor your garage door’s status even if you are away. Hence, you have peace of mind that your properties are safe even while on vacation.

MyQ Technology

The main reason for these advancements is the MyQ technology that is now available and ready to be mounted in your garage doors. This innovation undoubtedly made everything easy and convenient. Not to mention, MyQ technology does come at an affordable price too.

Sensitive sensors

Since the garage doors’ innovation’s purpose is to provide convenience for all homeowners, unfortunately, it also poses adverse outcomes. The technology between garage doors and garage door openers faced a few challenges since there are incidents related to garage door malfunctions.

Hence, the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the U.S passed a law requiring all garage doors to have photoelectric sensors and pressure-sensitive sensors. Since then, sensitive sensors are given importance.

Many garage doors are now equipped with infrared sensors with high sensitivity to any people or objects. Doors will automatically work reversely once the sensors caught any blockage. This enhances security and safety when using a garage door.

Laser Parking Guide

One prominent innovation related to sensors is the laser parking guide. This technology allows you to safely park your car inside your garage without bumping or hitting any objects and walls. This is an ideal technology that would safeguard not only your car but your entire garage as well.


Garage doors have come a long way from a common wood to automated steel garage door, all thanks to endless technology innovation. It becomes a homeowner barrier from potential burglaries and breaks ins. Moreover, the safety and security level of a property is heightened, even more so, provides convenience in everyday living. Garage doors leveled-up, and it is expected that there will be more innovations to come in the future.

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