69% of American men admitted to paying for sex at some point in their lives.

What about British men? And what about American men who travel to Britain? The UK has become the hub of the sex industry, specifically the escorting industry.

Are you interested in working as an escort? Or are you just interested in knowing what the job is like?

The UK escort profession has its drawbacks but escorts experience many benefits, such as incredible pay. But one thing is clear — escorting is unlike anything you would ever imagine.

Continue reading to know all about the life of an escort in the UK.

They Make Good Money

Some prostitutes and escorts make as much as £2,000 a week. Most charge an hourly wage and sessions usually last an hour or two.

They Have Their Slow Nights

Not surprisingly, a UK escort is busiest on Friday and Saturday nights. This means they can have several clients in only a few hours.

But escorts not only have shorter days but also shorter seasons. This means they only experience a few bookings or shorter bookings.

Better to Be Small Than Large

If you’re one of the guys with a small penis, even a micropenis, you may have luck with an escort.

This penis size is about an inch or two long. While your date may not be impressed, an escort is more open-minded than your average woman and is willing to please you, no matter how small.

But what if you have a large penis, meaning one that’s bigger than six inches? You may not have as much luck.

Most escorts complain when their client has a big penis. Even though the large penis is fetishized in pornography, most women find a small-to-average sized penis more comfortable.

This is especially true for escorts, who may meet with several clients a night.

However, this doesn’t mean a well-endowed client can’t meet with an escort. Just be honest about your penis size during the screening.

Either Way, They Enjoy Sex

Why do escorts get into their profession? While some reasons, such as the high income, are obvious, many escorts get into the profession because they love sex.

You’ll never meet a more open-minded, sexual, and willing partner than an escort. She wants to please herself but she always wants to please you more. She will do whatever it takes to make your fantasy come true and she knows it.

Does this mean you can get away with poor performance?

The escort will know if you’re being lazy. But what if you’re unsure of how to please a woman? Don’t be afraid to ask your escort for advice. They can guide you during sex and reveal what women love in bed.

But They Can Deny You

We all know that an escort can deny anything you request and some even have strict rules against certain fetishes and sexual acts.

But did you know an escort can completely deny your services? This mainly happens if an escort had a bad experience with a client or they get bad vibes during the initial consultation.

There are many reasons an escort can deny you. This includes but not limited to:

  • You’re cheap (go for longer than what you paid for, don’t tip, etc.)
  • Have bad hygiene
  • Rude/disrespectful behavior
  • Don’t listen to instructions
  • Legal issues – for example, if the client is too young
  • Stalker- and abusive-like tendencies

Every escort will host a screening first.

They will discuss their pricing, tipping requirements, and a protocol if you want more time or a different service. All clients will go through a background screening. If you’re a foreigner, the escort agency will need to see your passport.

The escort will also ask you your fantasy and fetishes while also stating what she does and doesn’t allow.

The escort will also have some standards for you. While all escorts are open-minded about appearance, you’re expected to practice good hygiene and grooming techniques.

If the escort senses anything bad from the screening and even during the service, she can cancel the appointment.

You Can Easily Find Escorts Online

Unlike other countries, the UK has lenient sex work laws — at least for clients. As long as a brothel can prove that sex workers are safe and consent to the work, the UK government gives them the green light.

This is great news for both sex workers and clients. The escorts can work on their terms and free from harm while clients can do a simple search online for a companion.

They can find escorts and brothels that are completely legal, legitimate, and the girls are beautiful.

They’re All Adults

If you’re a client and are scared you’ll end up with an underage girl, don’t worry — the UK has strict laws that brothel owners must follow. An escort has to be 18 years old, as well as the client.

In addition, the escort can’t be forced into the profession and the UK police enforce this law on brothels.

But if all escorts are adults, what’s the average aged escort a client can expect to hire? The average escort is in their late twenties. But escorts vary in age — as young as their early 20’s and there’s even an 85-year-old escort in Britain!

It all depends on your preference.

Do They Have a Significant Other?

We all know how steamy their work life is — but what about their home life? It depends on the escort. Most stay single so their work doesn’t interfere with their professional life.

Some get their sex fill at work and others still choose to hook up with guys.

The Life of an Escort Is an Interesting One!

Were you ever curious about the life of an escort? Since escorting is becoming more prevalent in the UK, many escorts are speaking out about their experiences in support for the sex industry.

For more interesting articles, continue browsing our blog and learn something new!

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