Are you a service member looking to invest in military medals?

Or are you a veteran selling the various medals you earned years ago?

There’s never a wrong time to cash out on hard work, even if you’re inactive. We’re here to tell you about the different medals available to you and help you decide what to buy or sell.

Even military veterans can get lost in the types of medals and their differences, so don’t feel bad if you do too. Read on for some direction.

Commemorative Medals

Commemorative Medals

This is a popular award to celebrate or commemorate a person or event. These medals are often inscribed or decorated with an image or symbol that marks the award or the honored event. The recipient’s name, the celebrated occasion, or the organization is typically inscribed, engraved, or stamped on the medal.

Commemorative medals are often awarded alongside a traditional certificate and commemorate significant moments in a person’s life. Everyday occasions for the award of commemorative medals are graduations, awards ceremonies, anniversaries, and special events.

Anniversary Medals

Anniversary medals are a unique way to commemorate a specific event or milestone in an individual’s or organization’s life. These medals usually feature an epitaph on one side and an inscription or company logo on the other.

They are often given to individuals for notable achievements or to celebrate a significant anniversary. You can present itย to organizations to commemorate a special occasion. Regardless of the purpose, anniversary medals are a meaningful and lasting way to recognize someone.

Service Medals

Service Medals

Service medals are awarded to people who have served in the military, police forces, and specific other organizations. The types of service medals awarded vary depending on the organization awarding them. Most of them are designed to recognize significant achievements.

Medals are often accompanied by other symbols of recognition and honor, such as ribbons, lapel pins, and stars. They commend conduct during military service or by a police force. Qualifying periods may last from days to years, depending on the nature of the service.

Racing Medals

These medals signify that athletes have successfully succeeded in their specific racing form.ย It is in various shapes and sizes to cater to different sports and competitions.

Sporting bodies such as the International Olympic Committee often give awards, titles, and decorations to recognized winners. Lastly, there may also be sponsored medals available to recognize extraordinary accomplishments.

Academic Medals

Academic Medals

Academic medals are awarded as recognition for educational achievement. They are usually awarded to students with high scholastic standing in their chosen field. Academic medals can be awarded for any level of academic excellence.

They often come with a certificate declaring the student’s excellence. The medal typically stands out from other awards due to its brightness.

Medals are an essential part of academic recognition. It offers students and their families a great sense of accomplishment and pride. If you are aย medal collector, check out this St. Joseph of Cupertino Medal.

Understanding the Types of Medals

Medals can be a great way to honor and recognize many different accomplishments. Whether you want to acknowledge service, patriotism, or heroism, there are medals to choose from. Remember to research and ask questions to find the best types of medals to fit your needs.

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