If you grew up watching Friends, it was almost impossible to avoid the itch to open a coffee shop. Central Perk may have been fictional but it was still one of the most iconic coffee shops in the world.

If you still dream of opening a coffee shop, there are some key things that you need to know. You can’t just jump headfirst into opening a coffee shop or you could make some big mistakes!

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to go about starting a cafe. Ready to get started? Then read on!

Step 1: What Kind of Coffee Shop Do You Want to Open?

Before you can start a coffee shop, you need to know what kind of coffee shop you’re going to run. Are you aiming for a comfy, boho-chic place where people can stop for hours at a time and work? Do you want a more business-focused cafe, serving quick meals and coffee?

You should plan your menu, your decor, where your premises will be, and what kind of ethos will drive your coffee shop. Don’t skip this step: it can help you make a consistent, wonderful cafe.

Step 2: Sort Out Your Financing

Before you can open a cafe, you need to get financing. How are you going to be able to afford to buy or rent your premises and pay your staff? Where will the money for the decor and the all-important coffee come from?

You could get the money from savings, a bank loan, or investors. If you’re going to go down the second route, you will need a well-written business plan to secure capital. You should write a business plan regardless, as this can show you how much money you’ll actually need to run your coffee shop.

Step 3: Get Training

If you’ve never been a barista before and you plan on working behind the counter, you should get trained in the arts of coffee making by a professional first. If you’ve been a barista before, it’s still not a bad idea to get a refresher course.

You will also need to get food safety training for you and your staff. This is absolutely vital and usually a mandatory requirement. The last thing that you want to do is give a customer food poisoning.

If there’s any skill that you don’t feel too secure about, we would recommend getting training before you embark on your journey!

Step 4: Open Up

Now that you’re trained, you’ve got money, and you know what kind of coffee shop you want to open up, all you need to do is get started! The first few years of any new business are always the rockiest but with determination, hard work, and a bit of luck, you could one day own the world’s best coffee shop!

Opening a Coffee Shop Is Hard But Rewarding

Opening a coffee shop is not easy but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the steps that we’ve laid out and you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

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