If you’re like most people today, you enjoy a good bit of cannabis from time to time. This is one of the most popular forms of recreational substance, but also has a variety of healing properties.

When you’re interested in buying medical marijuana, you need to be aware of these laws where you live. The points below will help you get to know Florida medical marijuana laws as a whole.

Make Certain That You Have Conditions That Quality

According to Florida laws, you must satisfy preliminary requirements. This means proving that you have some conditions that qualify for medical cannabis relief.

Some of the ailments that you can legally use cannabis to treat include chronic pain, a lack of hunger, Chron’s disease, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s. Be sure to speak about these ailments clearly and matter of factly when it comes time to speak to your doctor.

Get to Know Florida Medical Marijuana Laws on Possession

You’re legally allowed to buy up to 2-and-a-half ounces of cannabis flower within a 35-day time span, according to Florida’s medical cannabis laws. You are still prohibited from using cannabis or carrying it on public transportation, at a school, or openly in an automobile.

Outside of medical use, you’re subject to a misdemeanor charge on upward of 20 grams of cannabis and will be charged with a felon on any greater amount.

Reach Out to a Physician For a Prescription

To make sure that you’re getting your cannabis legally, you must reach out to a physician that can write you a valid prescription. A cannabis prescription requires an appointment and proof of the approved ailments listed above.

The prescription is good for a year and can be used anywhere in the state of Florida. Prior to getting a valid prescription, you will need to also show proof of residence, such as with a Florida driver’s license and vehicle registration or utility bill.

You will have different requirements for getting a Medical Marijuana License in Oklahoma, for instance than you would in Florida. Make sure to understand the changes that happen from time to time so that you’re always following the law.

Find Some Licensed and Insured Dispensaries to Purchase Cannabis From

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re doing business with nothing but licensed and insured Florida dispensaries. This lets you know that they’re qualified to sell you any kind of cannabis that you need.

Browse their products and hone in on your personal favorites. Be sure to consult an edible dosage chart to know how much you should be taking if this is your preferred method.

Shop For the Cannabis That You Enjoy

These tips are necessary so that you can shop for whatever kind of cannabis you love. When you understand Florida medical marijuana laws it lets you buy to your heart’s content, knowing that you are doing so legally.

Consider these points and make sure to reach out to a qualified physician that can write you a prescription.

Check back for all things Florida-related.

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