It’s not the frequency that you have sex that matters. Having better sex is a quantifier that only individuals can define. If you look at the numbers, though, as much as 10% of married couples say they have sex less than once a year.

Does that mean they are unhappy with how often they have sex? Their sex life may be fine in their eyes. Good sex is defined by you and your partner, not the frequency.

If you want an improved sex life, keep reading. Then talk to your partner.

Know Your Body for Better Sex

how to have better sex

You can’t expect your partner to please you if you don’t know how to please yourself. Start there. Get to know what makes your body purr!

Spend some time on your own, touching yourself and learning what kind of touch turns you on. If you want, try some sex toys.

Sex toys are so easy to buy these days discreetly. Try several toys and see which types you like the best. Masturbate often until you understand your body’s reactions, and you will be on your way to improving your sex life.

Understand Your Partner’s Body for Improved Sex

Do you know what parts of your partner’s body make them wild if you touch them there? Do you know where your partner’s g-spot, a-spot, c-spot, and p-spot are? If you want to know how to improve your sex life, start by learning how your partner receives pleasure.

Remember that it’s not all about the orgasm, though. If you want to know how to have better sex, remember it is about pleasure and connection.

Explore Fantasies to Have Better Sex

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Do you know what is going on in your partner’s mind? If you don’t, talk to them. Let them share their fantasies without guilt or shame.

Not all fantasies need to be acted on. You can have better sex just by talking about fantasies. Learning what turns on your partner’s mind can give you insight into how you can turn on their mind.

Start small if you and your partner are not used to talking about fantasies. You could start with reading the same book or watching a movie together that features a fantasy. Take turns choosing the movie or book to watch.

Talk About Body Changes


As people get older, the way their body responds changes. Women experience hot flashes and vaginal dryness, even before menopause hits. Men may have a difficult time getting hard because of stress.

There are resources widely available for both men and women. This sexual health guide is a great start for men.

If you want improved sex, it is important to talk to your partner about these things without fear of judgment.

Even in your younger years, you or your partner may have sexual issues that are hard to talk about. The more you talk about sex, though, the easier it gets.


The ultimate tool to better sex is communication. No one can read minds. Learn to talk to your partner about sex.

Ask what they need. Tell them what you need.

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