Can you think of raising a child with autism who didn’t make eye contact with you or didn’t respond when you said “hello?” That could be due to autism.

Autism is a brain development condition that’s considered to be a developmental disorder. There are several different types of autism, and thousands of people are being diagnosed daily.

Read on to learn more about the common types of autism and how there might be a better solution than continuing to fight this condition alone.

Asperger’s Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder

It is an inability to socialize and interact in the same way that others do. Living with autism often experience difficulty understanding and responding to social cues. They can also find it hard to make and maintain friendships, communicate difficulty, and have trouble with coordination and motor skills.

Asperger’s Syndrome symptoms vary from mild to severe, but people with this type of autism generally exhibit a unique intellectual ability. They tend to display a great passion for particular subjects and become experts on their chosen topics. Other symptoms include sensitivity to loud noises and lights, increased anxiety, and a lack of eye contact.

Rett Syndrome

This disorder occurs almost in females, though males can also, albeit rarely. It is normal early development followed by a slowing of development and then loss of speech, coordination, and other abilities.

Diagnosed with autism

The symptoms can include problems with hand movements, coordination and holding objects, difficulty talking, and poor social skills. Individuals with Rett Syndrome may display other impairments such as seizures, breathing problems, growth delays, and scoliosis.

Kanner’s Syndrome

Kanner’s Syndrome, also known as early infantile autism, is one of the most common types of autism. It impaired social interaction and communication, as well as restricted and repetitive behavior. Individuals often have difficulty understanding the emotions and intentions of others and may not engage in typical social activities.


Symptoms may include difficulties with joint attention, understanding language, and initiating conversations. Also, heightened sensitivities to sound, light, or touch may associate with this form of autism. While there is no cure for autism, therapy and lifestyle interventions can improve the lives of individuals with Kanner’s Syndrome.

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Getting Familiar With The Types Of Autism

Autism occurs in various states of severity, which impacts individuals in different ways. Doing research on the common types of autism will help one understand the unique set of challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum.

With this knowledge, better strategies for support, understanding, and encouragement. We can all contribute to respecting and supporting autonomy and creating a safe and welcoming environment for individuals with autism.

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