The internet is an entire universe of information in itself. In the generation of data boom, having information at the fingertips is no great deal. By sitting at home, you can know what all is happening around the world. Whether you want to know the History of Egypt or you want to know about a recently launched mobile phone in Taiwan, if you wish to know about the movies released in the USA or you want to know what all to visit when in Spain, internet can get you the results in a blink of an eye.

However, if you want to know how to divorce your spouse or how to deal with depression, or if you have transferred a confidential data to your employer or how to deal with the mental illness of a close relative, you would not want prying eyes to know about those searches. Privacy is dear to all of us. A Virtual Private Network is your key to privacy.

How does VPN work?

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN acts as a tunnel between your system and the other websites you visit. Your computer connects to a VPN server that can be in any part of the world, and all your traffic gets routed through that server. So, it appears that you are not browsing from your actual location, but the location of the VPN server. It is common knowledge that public internet connections or Wi-Fi is unsafe and even the most junior of the hackers can get information about your browsing activities. What is not known to many people is that even private browsing can prove to be unsafe and extracting information from your home Wi-Fi is no tough game.

Uses of VPN

Music, videos, and movie streaming applications are like a treat for one and all. They entertain from around the world. Listen to the top playlist of California or watch the first movie ever produced in Japan, right in your bedroom while you munch on some popcorn. However, the library of content for one country is different from another country. Say if a movie is available to a US citizen on Netflix, it may not be available for Indian internet users. The case is the same for many other applications and services, owing to certain copyright agreements.

That is where a VPN service can prove to be a savior. A VPN connection encrypts all your information, lets you use an IP address different from your actual one, hides your exact location and enables you to browse through the internet as if you were in a different country altogether. So, if say a streaming application doesn’t allow you to access some of the performances by a lesser known Afghani singer since you have an IP address of Australia, a VPN connection will let you access them if you choose an IP address of some different country. That is why VPN is one of the best Kodi addons. Although there is a bitter fight between VPN and Netflix, some of the best free VPN for Netflix does help you circumvent the strict bans imposed by Netflix, although it comes with certain limitations.

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