Do you want to experience fly fishing, but don’t know about fly fishing basics?

Fly fishing is one of the most rewarding methods of fishing. It gets you active, takes you to some amazing locations, and really tests your skill. But getting started can seem like a daunting prospect, and put people off entirely.

We’ve got you covered! Read on for everything you need to know about fly fishing basics.

Fishing License

Insurance License

Before you set out, you will need a fishing license. Every state has its own rules on how and when you can fish, and most need a license.

There are different licenses for different water types, make sure you know where you want to fish before you get one. They are easy to get, and often only need proof of ID and residency.

Fishing Gear

If you want to start fishing, you’ll need the following gear:

Fly Rod

Rods come in many different shapes and sizes, which can be quite confusing when you are starting out. To start, you want a multi-purpose rod, which is about 9 feet long.

The larger the fish, the heavier the rod you want. Start with a weight 5 rod for the most utility. You can get a heavier rod once you progress to Tarpon Fishing!

Reels & Lines

Next, you’ll need to invest in a good-quality reel. Make sure your reel matches your new rod – it will show the recommended size on the handle. As a beginner, you’ll want to go for a floating line. This allows you to use both surface and sinking flies.


The Fishing Experience

There are three primary types of flies:

  • Dry Flies look like insects and float on the water.
  • Nymphs look like larvae and float just below the surface.
  • Streamers or lures look like larger creatures and sit below the surface.

It is best to speak to a local fishing shop or expert to find what works best in your location for the kind of fish you are after.

Suitable Clothes

Make sure that you have all of the following before you set off:

  • A wide-brimmed hat & sunglasses
  • Waterproofs
  • Waders & boots


Casting is a fundamental skill to learn. Follow these steps for the perfect cast:

  1. Take hold of the rod, pointing your thumb towards its top, and position the fly line the rod and your index finger.
  2. Point the rod downwards slightly, and pull out 10 yards of a fly line.
  3. Take a small step back so the line is no longer straight down.
  4. Lift your arm while keeping your wrist where it is.
  5. Rotate your arm backward to bring the line behind you. Bring it to the 1 o’clock position, and pause to allow the line to form a loop behind you.
  6. Quickly bring the rod forward. The line will cast out in front of you.
  7. As the line is cast, lower your arm to lay the line out on the water.

Fly Fishing Basics to Get You Started

Deep Sea Fishing

Fly fishing is a tough but rewarding skill, so it takes some time to become a master. But as long as you start with the fly fishing basics, you’ll pick it up in no time. Start off by practicing your casting in your garden, and then progress into easy waters. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for anything!

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